5 Ways To Feel Productive Before 9 A.M.

Productive morning tips
Our beauty editor, Erin Sousa, is sharing her tips for starting your day off on a high note.

When you start your day in a healthy way, you are more likely to make better choices throughout it, leaving you feeling calmer and more productive! Conscious little choices can shift your year, so these five tips will help you make sure that 2016 is your best year yet! You might even be excited to skip the snooze button, hop out of bed and check them all off (or at least almost all of them!).

1. Make the Bed: This seems simple, but straightening up your bed is the best way to feel like you’ve already accomplished something before your day even starts. It sets the day off on the right tone, and makes your space feel orderly and well-loved. You’ll seriously love walking into your bedroom after work!

Productive morning tips

2. Eat a Fueling Breakfast: It’s far too easy to grab a pastry with your morning Starbucks run (or skip breakfast altogether!) but let’s forgo the temptation, and set the day off on the right foot. Make yourself a nourishing bowl of oatmeal. The following recipe contains a balance of healthy fats and fiber, and will keep you full for hours on end!

1 cup rolled or steel cut oats (not the quick cook ones!)
1 cup water
1 cup coconut milk
dash of salt
dash of vanilla extract

Mix everything together and cook until soft and creamy. Top with chia seeds, cashews and a sprinkle of brown sugar. Yum!

3. Dry Brushing: This is a personal favorite of mine—dry brushing before showering helps to energize and detox the body. The motions help increase circulation, exfoliate your skin and reduce swelling. You’ll feel brighter, fresher and energized to make the day your best. So, grab your natural bristled tool, and brush, brush, brush!

4. Meditation: Hear me out. This one can be a game-changer in both the long and short term. Some of the world’s most notably successful people (name drop alert—Jennifer Aniston and Oprah, I’m looking at you) attribute meditation to their success. It makes you calmer, more able to deal with stress and increases focus.

Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day (start with 10), this daily practice might make all the difference.

Productive morning tips

5. Go Through Your Emails: Digging into your inbox first thing can actually be a very good way to feel like you’ve accomplished something even before you start your day. Respond to those emails that only require an easy note, and flag the others so you’re set up and ready to get going once you step into the office. You’ll feel lighter and ready to tackle your projects with a well-tended inbox!

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Author: Erin Sousa

Erin is the founder & principal of Sparkle Media, and blogs at The Sparkle. Erin lives in her downtown Vancouver condo with her husband, Roberto, and their dog, Ava. Follow on Instagram!

  • Love these tips, except for the last one – my email is a black hole, and if I dive right in first thing in the morning, I’ll never emerge again :) I’ll definitely give that breakfast recipe a try, and I want to try dry brushing, too! Thanks for sharing your tips, Erin!

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