An Interview With Pura Botanicals Founder, Lane Edwards

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Let’s face it: today’s complicated landscape of beauty products, skincare regimens and spa treatments can be somewhat difficult to navigate. So, it’s especially refreshing to find a company devoted to letting your natural beauty shine through. Meet Pura Botanicals, a company that does all of this and more!

When founder, Lane Edwards, created her line of eco-friendly skincare products, health, sustainability and beauty were her priorities. The all-natural potions are designed to nurture the skin, instead of covering it up with harsh and toxic chemicals. It’s with this passion for simplicity that Lane designed Pura’s apothecary, production studio and showroom. The space is infused with earth-conscious details, calming neutrals and fresh touches like botanical artwork and a pyramid-shaped handmade shelf.

Our beauty editor, Erin Sousa, popped in on Lane at Pura headquarters to discuss health, design, beauty and more, and you’ll get all the details from their talk and tour below.

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First things first: tell us about Pura.

Pura is a collection of all-natural skincare, perfumes and botanical potions. We are the creators and makers of our entire green beauty collection. Every last detail—including all of our formulations and packaging—happens in our apothecary and perfumery. I never imagined I’d be an alchemist and perfumer, but when I look back at my life’s footnotes, it all makes sense. Pura Botanicals is my way of looking after the world through eco-friendly beauty care.

Your space is gorgeous! Tell us about the design!

Thank you! We were fortunate to start with a blank canvas. There’s something so special about designing a conscious space, where every touch and treasure means something to you, or that is handpicked to deepen the space’s soul. We wanted it to feel as though you are walking into one of our green beauty potions: pure, pristine and organic. 

It was an interesting space to design because it had to work as a functional apothecary and production studio, as well as a showroom for our products and bespoke perfume service. We spent months collecting pieces from around the globe. Our two chandeliers came from a private Parisian antique collector out of Calgary, Alberta. Our carved crystal ball lights over the boardroom table came from Tudo & Co, out of Australia. Many of the modern accessories are from our travels to Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach, Calif., and the General Store.

We spent hours refinishing heirloom pieces of furniture passed down from my mother. Our 1970s driftwood coffee table in the seating area came from my in-laws’ cabin, and required a zillion coats of white paint. We fell in love with the white chairs from The Cross Design in Vancouver, British Columbia, for their unique brass bases. I’m fortunate that my husband was able to build our triangle shelf unit—an unplanned addition. The abundance of natural light, fresh plants and use of white keeps the space feeling airy and a blank canvas for constant inspiration.  

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What advice would you give to a woman looking to start her own business?

Go for it! Every day you have to move your vision and business forward. Build on your relationships, and align yourself with people who have strengths you lack. The small victories have a chain reaction. Create your own opportunities by being clear on your brand and developing the story, language and visuals that project your overall vision. Think about how your products or services make others feel. It takes an enormous amount of self-discipline, heart and time to create something that will be prosperous and will continue to inspire you.

If a woman could only choose three things to add to her beauty routine, what should they be?

Every woman needs a good cleanser that isn’t going to strip her skin of its natural moisture barrier. Pura’s Countess Cleansing Nectar is formulated with skin-soothing calendula, lavender and sweet almond oil. It’s high in essential fatty acids and omega-3, and promotes lusciously soft skin while cleansing and moisturizing.  

I can’t live without Pura’s Neroli Eye Ritual. The skin under our eyes is so delicate and needs the extra hydration and nutrients. The roll-on application makes it so easy, and rosehip oil and neroli prevent and treat those fine lines.

My absolute favorite potion is Pura’s Overnight Watermelon Mask. It’s different from other masks because it doesn’t dry and crack after applying. Our skin regenerates and heals mostly while we sleep, so this ultra-hydrating creamy mask with pure watermelon extract, natural silk peptides and aloe vera does wonders for your skin’s texture and rejuvenation.

Where do you source your ingredients?

Pura’s Oil & Essence Chamber is filled with materials from all over the world from Madagascar to Tuscany, Italy. We also work with several Canadian farmers who follow strict sustainable growing and harvesting practices. Your skincare should be free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients that do more harm than help. This is why we handcraft everything in our studio from scratch. We can truly ensure every bottle’s purity and quality. As women, we really need to look after one another.

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Your studio is located in Edmonton, Alberta. Can you share your favorite places to eat, sip and shop in the city?

During the week, our morning ritual always starts with vanilla lattes from Credo Coffee. The 124 Grand Market is where I like to buy all of my fresh produce and preserves. I also enjoy the cruisy vibe, and meeting up with friends and their littles on a warm summer night. My husband and I love going to the Red Ox Inn for date night. It’s a tiny restaurant with only 12 tables, so you feel like you’re in the owner’s home. The restaurant does a Parmesan and butternut gnocchi like nobody else can. We were married at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, so we enjoy impromptu cocktails in its estate library-style Confederation Lounge overlooking the city’s striking river valley. It’s cozy, and the 100-year-old hotel looks like a fairy tale castle from our skyline.

Poppy Barleyan Edmonton-based custom leather footwear company—makes the most comfortable, ethically-made and beautiful boots and shoes. I also love that its founders are two sisters. For evening wear, there’s nothing like slipping into my favorite black silk dress from Workhall. The shop designs timeless minimalistic basics with a pledge to artistry. I love that I can work, move and feel beautiful in the garments.

Blending fragrances is a big part of your business. Can you walk us through the process?

It takes years to train your nose to decipher the different oils, absolutes and essences that create a well-rounded and divine scent. Some of it is intuitive, and the rest is acquired wisdom and training. Sometimes you take a risk, and it’s magic. The unexpected blends are usually the most memorable. Perfume is powerful, and as a woman, it defines our invisible legacy.  

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I never imagined I’d be an alchemist and perfumer, but when I look back at my life’s footnotes, it all makes sense. Pura Botanicals is my way of looking after the world through eco-friendly beauty care.

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What are five beauty products that you use every day?

Our skincare collection is so versatile, and depending on how my skin is feeling and the time of year, I use different products. I also have a morning and evening ritual. Taking the time to nourish my skin and replenish my natural beauty is an intimate, sensual and peaceful process—especially with a business and three little ones. I love to pause and inhale all of Pura’s luscious natural aromas. Self-care makes me feel centered, glowing and grateful. Every woman deserves to feel this way. We need to feel inspired to continually protect and envelope our skin in nutrient-rich ingredients.  

What’s your morning ritual products?

  1. I use a jade roller to decrease puffiness and improve circulation.
  2. Countess Cleansing Nectar
  3. Sweet Face Restorative Daily Moisturizer
  4. Honey & Ginger Deodorant Cream
  5. Desire Mist with Hawaiian plumeria

What’s your evening ritual products?

  1. Countess Cleansing Nectar
  2. Lolita Face Drops
  3. Night Cocoon Rebuilding Night Cream
  4. Cocoa & Rose Body Oil (I also add this to my bath for silky skin)

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Coffee or tea?

Both! But mostly coffee these days, as I find I need the extra lift in the morning to get me going. Maybe that’s because I’m a very busy mama, indeed!

What’s on your bookshelf right now? What are you currently reading?

Life is so full, reading as much as I used to is challenging these days, but I did escape to the Mayan for a couple of weeks and read A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable. It’s based on a true story about a Parisian apartment that was locked up for 70 years. Untouched and frozen in time, it was overflowing with art and treasures that were worth millions. You fall in love with the fascinating woman who had to abandon her home and priceless belongings. It’s pretty much the most enchanting escape book for holidays, and it makes you want to live in Paris. But then again, what girl doesn’t want to live in Paris?

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The unexpected blends are usually the most memorable. Perfume is powerful, and as a woman, it defines our invisible legacy.

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Author: Erin Sousa

Erin is the founder & principal of Sparkle Media, and blogs at The Sparkle. Erin lives in her downtown Vancouver condo with her husband, Roberto, and their dog, Ava. Follow on Instagram!

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