6 Ways To Make Your Life Healthier And More Vibrant


As a mom, business owner, fitness professional and the blogger behind Living LatelyErin Salvetti knows a thing or two about building a healthy lifestyle and routine from scratch. Below, she shares her insight, plus six steps to a vibrant mindset.

When are you at your happiest? What gives you that glow? When was the last time you belly-laughed? The days may be long, but the years are short. If we find the time to do those things we love and adore in the moment, life can be fuller, healthier and much more vibrant. So how do you do it? What steps do you take to create those experiences? Following a precedence to create happiness and mindfulness in your day can begin with these six simple changes below.

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1. Establish a mindful routine (even a small one).

I used to cringe at the word “routine.” To me, it meant mundane, boring and ordinary—not how I wanted to live my life! Over time, I have realized that a mindful routine is so necessary for positivity in my day and gratitude toward life. Mornings can be a blur—rush to get ready, eat something nutritious, get your little ones into something they can be seen in public in, stuff their bellies and get out the door with matching shoes on and no coffee spilled on your top. For me—and so many others—this routine thing is huge! Finding a routine that gets you into a positive mindset can really set the stage for a productive day. Whatever and whenever your routine is put into play during your day, make sure it works for you. And if you have to skip one day, don’t think you have failed. Instead, eliminate that judgement and try again the next day.

2. Consider meditation.

I am also incorporating a bit of meditation. I know, I know—that is a big word and it used to intimidate me, too, until I took baby steps to make it happen in my day. If you can find a moment of stillness anytime throughout your day, it can and will make a difference. In the morning, I love writing in my daily journal. I do a few mindful breaths (in the nose and out the mouth), and connect to my mind in preparation for the day ahead. I drink a glass of (room temperature) water and incorporate a few sun salutations. I love using the app Headspace for easy, guided meditation in short increments for whatever you need in your day.

3. Don’t forget a nightly routine.

A routine is great in the morning, but what about at night? I have suffered from insomnia for a few years now and I just can’t stop the brain chatter! I was taking a look at my bedtime routine and noticed an excess of stimuli that prohibited me from getting restful sleep. Maybe you can relate? So, now I have incorporated a bedtime routine that includes some light stretching, daily journal reflection (I love The Five-Minute Journal) and either reading or more guided meditation. You can find many you may like on YouTube. Try searching: “Guided talk down to blissful sleep.”


4. Put yourself out there personally.

Yep, put yourself way out there. Make yourself a little bit uncomfortable and the results can be pretty amazing. My family and I have moved a lot in these last four years, which has put me in a constant “what have you got to lose” mindset. I had to make steps to meet and connect with others. It was so out of my comfort zone, but also so necessary for me. So, make those connections in your life—introduce yourself to the nice mom you see at the park, say “hi!” to the girl on the mat next to you in yoga. Chances are good that they want to meet you, too.

5. Put yourself out there professionally.

Don’t underestimate the power of putting yourself out there when it comes to your career, too. Take the extra step to get noticed by your manager, take a chance by doing something you love to do. Follow your passions and create something amazing. I have found that when I do this and truly make myself uncomfortable (think: Instagram pictures and blog posts focused just on me—gasp!) the outcome and response has been overwhelmingly positive. I know you will find the same is true for you!

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6. Find new ways to treat yourself.

In this world that is constantly moving and growing around us, finding new ways to treat yourself can be extremely uplifting. We spend a lot of our time dedicated to our careers, or to motherhood or to being the best wife, etc. We need to also find time to indulge a bit in what makes us happier and healthier. Here’s what could be included on your list this year:

  1. Plan a weekend girls’ trip
  2. Travel with your family
  3. Try acupuncture
  4. Take a weekly warm bath
  5. Light candles while getting ready (just don’t forget to blow them out!)
  6. Schedule three-to-five enjoyable workouts per week
  7. Attend a yoga festival with friends
  8. I’m doing Wanderlust this year, and am super pumped (find one near you here)

Whatever it may be that makes you happy, do it! Life gets busy and days can fly by in an instant. Make your plans well in advance to help you stay committed to the fun activity. Something I recently started with a group of amazing girls is a monthly dinner. Sometimes it’s fancy, sometimes it’s just appetizers and sometimes it’s sitting in our jammies watching “The Bachelor.” My husband travels most days of the week, so to do this, I have to get a sitter to watch my daughter, but I make it happen. Why? Because it fuels me to live more vibrantly by connecting with these other amazing women. Taking time to move your body, have fun and feel at peace is of utmost importance. Schedule it in and make it a priority!

Vibrancy in your life must be created by you! Fuel your mind, body and soul for happiness and gratitude. Being more present in your life and making your body as healthy as possible begins with doing things for yourself each day. You can do it! Make these small steps and reap the rewards. I know the outcome will be incredible for you!

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Author: Carrie Waller

Carrie is the writer, stylist and photographer behind Dream Green DIY, and also is the features editor for Glitter Guide. Follow along on Instagram!

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