Touring A Little Girl’s Charming Bedroom Oasis

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Designing a 6-year-old girl’s bedroom is no small task, but Abby Guido—owner of California-based event planning firm, Beijos Events, managed to do just that with both grace and sophistication. As a mom to two bouncing little ones (daughter, Dylan Ashley, and son, Jett Jagger), Abby is all too familiar with the balancing act of motherhood and career. From creating memorable, unique events for her clients to hosting spur-of-the-moment dance parties with her family, this Californian beauty’s life is nothing short of an adventure.

Abby’s attention to detail, eye for style and penchant for design as an event planner easily translate into her role as homemaker. So, it’s no surprise to us that her daughter’s bedroom is all kinds of gorgeous. Happily, Abby was more than willing to share her thoughts on life, home décor and, of course, her business, and you can grab the sneak peek and tour of her daughter’s charming bedroom oasis below!

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Where did the design inspiration for your daughter’s bedroom come from?

I had been obsessing over Barrington Blue’s custom kilim benches, and knew that I wanted that to serve as one of the focal points in Dylan’s room. I also have a slight (OK, strong!) obsession with rattan. You will find rattan pieces in pretty much every room in my home. Both the bench and rattan pieces were a must in her room, and from there, the room came together to create a boho-inspired California vibe.

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What are your favorite things to do with your daughter at this age?

Oh gosh, so many things! As my first born, every age she reached was so exciting for us. All the new adventures—whether it was her first walk, first words or first time going to the beach—were just thrilling. I always would say that I love this age. Now having her at almost 6 years old, she has grown into a smart, funny, daring and beautiful little girl. She pretty much is my little bestie right now. She is in love with having spa nights at home, which usually occur on the weekends. We’ve got school nights now, so we need our beauty sleep during the week. We have my hubby sleep in her room, and we get our fuzzy bathrobes on and pretend we are overnighting in a hotel doing all the girly things we love. She loves doing spa masks and nails.

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I don’t think any mom can say that they have found the perfect balance. It’s really finding your own groove and what works well for you, your little ones and your hubby.

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The space feels so fresh and unique! Tell us about all of the handmade, DIY and custom details you chose to incorporate.

I wanted unique pieces that she could keep in her room as she gets older. Each piece really does have a reason or story behind it. On her bedroom door, there is the “Dylan” banner that we collaborated on with Sharp Tooth Studio. I love the fact that I can tell her when she gets older that there was a banner named after her. Above her bed is the wooden heart with her name on it that Brianne from Brown Fox did for her. I wanted the heart to be girly, yet boho, at the same time.

Of course, you will see a ton of rattan in her room. When picking out the pieces, I wanted to get things that she wouldn’t outgrow. Many might say I’m selfish for creating a room that is too grown up for her, but I beg to differ. I picked out a Serena & Lily bar cart that acts as a vanity/side table. She is in love with it! She loves pretending to do makeup tutorials in front of it. Yes, makeup tutorials! The other rattan pieces are her white headboard and side table that I placed in front of her bed. Of course, there are pieces in her room that are perfect for a little girl’s room. In one of the corners, there is a white vintage stroller that used to be mine when I was her age. Inside are some of my baby blankets alongside some of hers.

On each side of the windows are cork bark with airplants on them. I love including plants, succulents and flowers into a room to give it life and good air quality. I bought the kit from Etsy, and it was one of the first elements that went up in her room.

rattan side table

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Are there any other particularly sentimental custom pieces to mention? More details please!

The custom pieces in her room are the custom kilim bench and matching pillows on her bed from Barrington Blue.

Around her room, you will find trinkets from our travels, like the pineapple jar that she keeps her little pieces of jewelry in and the straw purse I brought back from a trip we went on this past year. Every so often I will find something that just screams out, “I belong in Dylan’s room! Take me home!” and I’ll come home and place it in her room and see how long it takes her to see it. The last time I did this was a little Mexican purse that I placed on her vanity, and the Beijos doll that I hid within her other dolls. Let’s just say, it was under two minutes before she noticed. She got so excited, and asked right away what the story was behind the new items in her room.

One of the special pieces that I hope she will cherish for a long time is the Moroccan wedding blanket from Maven Collection that I got for the end of her bed. I’m kind of jealous that she has it in her room and that it’s not mine.

The last piece in her room that I love so much is her hanging macrame shelf that I got from Etsy. It was a little tricky to figure out what to put on the shelves that 6-year-old hands or younger (cue in my climbing 3-year-old son) couldn’t knock down or break. After some brainstorming, I went with a couple of my favorite books for her, a succulent plant and a geometric heart up top. I can luckily say no accidents…yet! Alongside the macrame shelf are two colorful airplant terrariums hanging from the ceiling. They brighten up her room and really add so much life into it. These were from the Bloom Baby Bloom party that we did at Dig Gardens last year. I knew when I saw them, that they were musts for her room.

moroccan wedding blanket

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Where are your favorite places to shop for Dylan—and for yourself?

I love shopping for a little girl! Her wardrobe is 10 times better than mine. If only we were the same size! Hands down, my favorite store for her style is Zara. Dylan is obsessed with dresses, and I really can’t get her to wear pants or shorts unless they are underneath a dress. Zara has the perfect boho-style dresses. Alongside Zara, I do a lot of online boutique shopping at places like Hatched Baby and Darling Clementine. She wears a uniform now, so I definitely take the time to pick out items that fit her style to a “T”. I’m quite jealous of her closet right now.

As for myself, when I get the chance to buy something, my first stop is Prism Boutique. It’s a boutique in Long Beach, Calif. that my business partner, Jacquelyn, introduced me to a couple of years ago. Since then, whenever I need something, I go online and get it from there. You will usually find me in a kimono, jeans, a tee and top knot. That’s pretty much my routine these days. Other than Prism Boutique, I shop at Cleobella, Revolve, Ascot + Hart (I love its T-shirt collection), Free People and Madewell.

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How do you balance running a successful business with being a mom?

It’s so hard! I don’t think any mom can say that they have found the perfect balance. It’s really finding your own groove and what works well for you, your little ones and your hubby. I know that, by working with two other amazing moms, we all have our own method to the madness. For me, I try to get up before anyone else and get some work done. The hard time for me is at night. Between cooking dinner, homework, laundry, stepping on Legos and cat tails, it’s a balancing act to survive the night. A glass of wine certainly helps. After bedtime, I sit down and focus on work again while it’s quiet. I try to tell myself every day that it’s OK if the day isn’t perfect. As long as I try my best and don’t stress out too much, then it’s a good day. I’m obsessed with my kids and my job, so a little stress here and there is good for the soul.

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How has being a mom changed the way you decorate your home?

If you were to ask my friends and family that, they would just laugh. I went through so many different stages while styling my home. It’s not so much being a mom that changes things, it’s more about figuring out your style. I can truly say that I have finally figured out what our home style is just within the past year. I went through a lot of pillows and art. But, of course, being a mom, that means there are little hands and feet in the house, so some items are just not an option—at least not yet.

I’m obsessed with white, and I have wanted a white couch for years. I can tell you a white couch would last through breakfast at this house. Other elements like coffee tables and breakable decorative pieces will have to wait, as well. Sharp-edged wooden coffee tables that I would love to have aren’t on top of my functional list. I did find a great alternative though, that, of course, is rattan. It’s the round rattan coffee table from Serena & Lily, and I love it. The kids can climb all over it and I don’t have to worry about injuries.

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Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram for inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration from scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest. Amber Interiors and Kathryn Miller are my favorite interior design feeds that I like to stalk. Both ladies are the sweetest and I have gotten the chance to work a little bit with both of them.

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What does a typical day look like for you?

Morning madness, then off to school. I come back home and work until it’s time to pick up the kiddies from school. I try to clean the house while no one is home—get it spotless to the point I know it will get destroyed in two minutes. You will find me sometimes at a barre class or doing yoga. I’m still trying to get into the groove of exercising. It’s a great outlet for stress for me lately. Then the quiet time is over and the littles come home, which consists of sports, homework, dinner, baths, etc. Although, on Tuesdays, we have “Dance Party Tuesdays” at our house. We started this when the kids weren’t even walking yet, and they won’t let a Tuesday go by without it. We throw on some music while making dinner and have ourselves a little dance party. I love this time with them—hopefully a tradition in our house until they get older.

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Describe your ideal Saturday.

Our Saturdays are filled with adventure. We are the type of family that doesn’t like to stay at home all weekend. We love the beach, so whether the weather is nice or not, you will usually find us in Santa Cruz or Monterey. The kids love both places. We have been doing a lot of Monterey and Carmel lately, and I’m loving it. I love the landscape and vibe of the town.

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I try to tell myself every day that it’s OK if the day isn’t perfect. As long as I try my best and don’t stress out too much, then it’s a good day. I’m obsessed with my kids and my job, so a little stress here and there is good for the soul.

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What’s your beauty routine like?

I’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to my beauty routine. My skincare is pretty much all natural and organic. I do use vitamin A and C on my face every day. My makeup routine is pretty simple, too. I fell in love with It Cosmetics. It was an early Saturday morning infomercial purchase—I tried it out and loved it. I use the moisturizer and loose powder. Then, it’s just pretty much bronzer, pink blush and mascara. My getting-ready time is typically 30 minutes or less and then I’m out the door.

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