Touring The Picture-Perfect Plum Pretty Sugar Retail Space

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Charlotte Hale’s apparel brand Plum Pretty Sugar came to life after she was inspired to blend her breezy attitude and appreciation for the feminine lifestyle into a line of fashion, bridal and maternity products. Since having the chance to gush over her gorgeous home last August (see the full tour here!), we weren’t at all surprised to find that Charlotte’s airy aesthetic and penchant for fresh design carried over into her retail space.

After years of existing solely as an online shop, Charlotte jumped at the chance to open her brand’s first physical retail space in Orange County, Calif. Abetted by her design savvy and her drive to create a space that reflected the light vibe of her website, she was able to seamlessly capture the brand’s joyful and airy character by incorporating neutral tones and minimalist décor into open space. Below, we invite you to tour Charlotte’s new shop and to listen in as she discusses her craft and her dreams for her growing business!

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Tell us the story about how your new retail space for Plum Pretty Sugar came to be?

The brand began in 2009 and has existed in the online space (and still does!) for more than seven years. It has been such a privilege to work with so many kind clients. A few years back, we began receiving questions about the availability of a retail store. As they increased, it became clear that our clients really wanted to visit a retail space. As we began introducing new collections and new products, we knew the request was spot-on with our growth.

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Your retail store is a gorgeous space! What was the inspiration behind this space?

I wanted to create a space that brought our “.com” presence to life. A space that feels as if you somehow walked into our website. I wanted clients to feel joyful, inspired and moved.

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Describe the Plum Pretty Sugar retail space in three words.

Breezy, fresh and happy.

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What design element are you most proud of in your new retail space?

I love the lightness of the space—not just the color, but the feeling. The idea that by walking in, all the heaviness can be lifted and carried away and is instead replaced by an inner glow and spark.

rifle paper co

styled by emily henderson

What was on your checklist as far as décor goes when designing the shop? Any must-haves?

I worked with Erin Graber Interiors in Newport Beach, Calif. Erin has worked with me and my home and immediately knew the feeling I sought to capture for the store. She listened and translated my ideas and all my checklists. I think the biggest one was lighting and the fixtures—those were key for me.

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How does the retail décor style differ from your fashion style? In what ways are they similar?

I think they are really similar. We brought in some of my favorite brands to bring to life the breezy and airy concept. I love feminine things, pretty things and my favorite colors are blush and white. The space features those colors alongside other muted pastels.

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What beauty routine do you swear by?

There are three kids in my household and these days, my beauty routine is simple. I love good mascara and a pretty rosy blush. We also carry a few beauty and fragrance brands in the retail space that I adore. My current favorite is Herbivore Botanicals.

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Where do you find design inspiration?

I love haute couture—in particular, the Chloé fashion house. I’m drawn to lines and silhouettes that are feminine, as well as patterns that are orderly and beautifully organized and colored. Sometimes it is literally the delicate color palette of a flower that sparks something.

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If you could pass along a style tip to our readers what would it be?

Always err on simplicity.

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Who are your personal style icons?

Tough one! Currently, I’m loving the street style of Maya Wynh and models off-duty.

What’s next for PPS?

Next up…gosh! We have new collections on the horizon and new partnerships. We’re excited to be a part of creating prettiness in women’s lives.

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Author: Carrie Waller

Carrie is the writer, stylist and photographer behind Dream Green DIY, and also is the features editor for Glitter Guide. Follow along on Instagram!