10 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

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Stumped for how to celebrate Earth Day this season? Below, our regular contributor, Arin Agase, shares 10 easy ideas and activities to try.

It’s time to roll out the green carpet in honor of Earth Day. Recycling isn’t just for the environmentalists—Earth Day is something everyone can get behind. Small changes can make a major difference, and our planet is most definitely in need.

Let’s get right down to business, shall we? The fact of the matter is, we haven’t been taking care of Mother Nature (insert sad emoji here). In the past 50 years alone, we’ve consumed more natural resources than all previous history combined, according to Eco-Cycle. A single U.S. grocery store goes through more than 60 million paper bags on average every year—that’s exactly why the city of Chicago declared a no-plastic-bag policy. Today, there is more carbon monoxide in the atmosphere than ever before, and it’s time we get our act together! In honor of Earth Day, we’re sharing 10 ways to celebrate. Let’s put those green thumbs to work!

  1. Plant a tree: We’re going to start easy, plant a seed! It’s simple, effective and fun. It’s exciting to see the progress year after year (even better when you show your children one day!). Fun fact: A single tree can absorb 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide over its lifetime (whoa!).
  2. Give up the bottle: Bottled water consumes large amounts of fuels to produce/transport, and most of them end up in landfills (contrary to our belief). Treat yourself to a cute refillable water bottle, and save the environment one sip at a time.
  3. Buy local: Those farmers’ markets are really on to something. Did you know that buying local is actually easier on the environment? Bonus: You’re supporting local farmers/businesses, and that’s most definitely a double win! Chicago, it’s almost that time again—I can’t wait for those colorful blooms!
  4. Turn the water off: When you’re brushing your teeth, don’t leave the water running. This goes for everything else, too (dishes, laundry, etc). Fix leaky faucets—only 1 percent of our Earth’s water is drinkable, and the supply is slowly running out. Conserve that energy for when we need it most!
  5. Recycle: People aren’t going to do the work for you. Know what you can and can’t recycle to help protect Mother Nature. It’s simple, easy and effective.
  6. Go paperless: Start opting for paperless statements/bills—it will save close to 19 million trees every year.
  7. Flip the switch: Turn off the lights when you leave a room, it really does make a difference.
  8. Adjust your thermostat: Adjusting your thermostat by just 2 degrees in the winter/summer could save on emissions and money! Remember: It’s the small things that add up, and make a big difference.
  9. Take a hike: Nature hikes are a great way to appreciate the beauty of our planet. Not to mention, it’s good for you and the planet!
  10. Pick it up: If you see trash, pick it up. Especially living in a big city, I’m always picking up floating bottles/cans that make their way on the street. It just takes an extra second, and it’s an effective way to protect Mother Nature!
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Author: Arin Agase

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  • Consider going meatless a couple days a week! It’s easier than you think…I made the leap to vegetarianism five years ago and I never looked back!

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