How To Find Your Decorating Style

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Stumped on how to name your personal decorating style? Blogger and designer, Amanda Risius, is here to share five tricks (plus a free workbook!) to help you in the process of nailing down your decorating aesthetic. Her tips below!

Do you struggle with the process of picking out furniture or art because you aren’t sure what your style is or if it will match your current décor? Do you wish you could decorate your home beautifully with ease like the pros? The key to confidently creating a home you love is knowing your decorating style. Knowing your style will give you a plan to follow and make decisions much easier. I’m going to show you exactly how to determine your decorating style with five simple exercises. To simplify the process even moreI’ve created a handy workbook that you can print and then fill out as we go through the steps. Download your free workbook, grab a pen and get ready to find your decorating style!

1. Describe How You Want Your Home To Feel

Feeling plays a big role in your overall design and how you want your home to look. If you want a calming home where you can relax, bright and bold colors and patterns are probably not the best choice. Fill in the blanks in your workbook and really think about how you want your home to feel.

  • I want to feel _____ when I walk into my home after a long day. (Example: “I want to feel relaxed/sophisticated/calm when I walk into my home.”)
  • My ideal weekend at home would look like _____. (“…brunch followed by an afternoon of reading my favorite blogs and hosting a game night with friends in the evening.”)
  • I want my home to feel _____ and combine styles that look _____. (“I want my home to feel clean/cozy/bright and combine styles that look beachy/put-together/laid-back.”)
  • I want a home that makes me feel _____, _____ and _____. (“I want a home that makes me feel comfortable, stylish and modern.”)

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2. Browse Your Home

Walk around your home and write down in your workbook all the things you love and why. Is it your blue tufted chair? Colorful vintage rug? Be as specific as possible when analyzing why you love it. It’s helpful to understand the “why” because it will help you later on.

3. Scour Pinterest For Inspiration

Start a Pinterest board called “Dream Home” and pin images to it that make you burst with happiness because they’re so good. This board should only contain photos that you love. If you’re iffy about it, don’t pin it. You can check out my Dream Home board for an example. Pin at least 20 images.

4. Analyze Results

Now it’s time to analyze your pins and look for common themes among steps one and two. How do your photos “feel” to you? Dark and moody? Light and airy? Colorful and cheerful? What colors and textures do they have in common. Look at your pins and what you wrote down in step one, and find the commonalities and fill them in your workbook. This forms your decorating plan and what you base every décor decision on when shopping for your home. If something doesn’t align with these elements, you don’t buy it.

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5. Give It A Name

Now that you have identified your ideal colors, textures, styles, fabrics and patterns, you’ve found your personal decorating style! Give it a name so you can put words to your style, thereby making it feel more real. You should feel more confident now that you know your style and have a clear direction on exactly how to achieve it utilizing your signature elements. If you ever feel confused on what art or furniture to get, refer back to your “Dream Home” Pinterest board and see what styles of furniture and art are found in your pins to use as guidance.

To continue the process of finding your own decorating style, be sure to download Amanda’s free workbook!

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Author: Carrie Waller

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