Touring The Chic, Kid-Friendly Au Fudge Restaurant

Touring The Chic Kid-Friendly Au Fudge Restaurant 8Finding a place that’s both kid-friendly and makes a killer cocktail and a great meal can be extra tricky. That is until Au Fudge opened. Co-owned by stylist/interior designer Estee Stanley, actress Jessica Biel, author Kimberly Muller, Monica Saunders-Weinberg, Jonathan Rollo and Joey Gonzalez, this Los Angeles restaurant is equally stylish and comfortable. It is filled with fun for the whole family, and quickly becoming a favorite for families and celebrities. Today, we’re so excited to share our interview with Estee and learn more about this one-of-a-kind place we can’t wait to try out with our own families (not to mention, take a bite of those savory churro sliders!).

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Touring The Chic Kid-Friendly Au Fudge Restaurant 11How did the idea of Au Fudge come about?
We felt like there was a missing link in the marketplace. A community hangout where you can eat delicious organic food, drink cocktails with your friends, and if you have kids, they are able to be entertained and be creative. We created Au Fudge to fill that void, and become the community clubhouse we were all looking for!

Describe how your other careers have helped you in opening the restaurant.
I believe my determination and seeing things come to fruition from building homes helped me open Au Fudge and see it through!

With multiple business partners involved in Au Fudge, what has been the most challenging/most rewarding part of all working together?
It has been so much fun collaborating with so many talented and smart people. This joy is what helps us get through the tough times that you don’t think you can get through.

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Touring The Chic Kid-Friendly Au Fudge Restaurant 14What was your inspiration when designing the space?

We wanted Au Fudge to feel like home—the feeling of being safe and everyone knowing your name.

The restaurant is equally fun for both adults and kids. Describe some of the unique elements you have in the space for families.
Our creative space offers ongoing activities, games, crafts, music, a treehouse and more, with professional au pairs onsite to engage with children. In addition, we have a smaller classroom creative space that hosts events, workshops and classes, such as music classes, cooking classes, painting workshops, slumber movie nights, high teas, parent-and-me Pilates and more. The entire calendar is posted online here.

When designing a place for families, what key elements were the most important for you to have?
A space where both kids and adults feel comfortable and entertained. Also, nothing too precious that can’t withstand spills, bumps, etc.
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Touring The Chic Kid-Friendly Au Fudge Restaurant 3What was at the top of your list to include when creating the menu? What are some of your favorite items?

Dishes that are both healthy and filthy! Definitely the Vegan Caesar, Turkey Burger and Churro Sliders.

As a mother, what has been your favorite part of sharing this space with your kids?
Our children helped us build Au Fudge; they came up with so many ideas! Au Fudge is as much theirs as it is ours.
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Touring The Chic Kid-Friendly Au Fudge Restaurant 13What’s your best tips for dining with kids?
Come to Au Fudge ;). Three of the most difficult things about dining with kids are: Keeping them entertained, making sure the menu has attractive items for all ages and finding an environment where parents feel welcome to bring their entire family, friends, etc. We designed Au Fudge to be a solution to these common challenges.

Are there things you are looking forward to doing next at Au Fudge?
We look forward to explaining to adults that Au Fudge is truly built for them! We want them to come, enjoy our full bar and enjoy a night out! Au Fudge is not just for the kids.

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