Skincare Products Taylor Can’t Live Without This Summer

Summer Skincare

I’m a skincare fanatic. I partly blame my job and the fact that I get to test so many amazing products all the time. However, it’s something I find I’m passionate about. I try to maintain a pretty solid skincare routine even in the summer (when I’m tanned and glowing, I sometimes feel like I don’t need as much as I do in the winter). Right now, I feel like I’ve found a strong arsenal of amazing skincare products that I know will take me through summer and leave me feeling extra glowy.

Cocovit Facial Mist: During the summer, I love a good facial mist. My skin is dry all year round, and this keeps my skin feeling moist and gives it a subtle glow. The smell is intoxicating and very indicative of a day at the beach.

Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil: This is my current favorite product for cleansing. I have very sensitive skin and find that most cleansers irritate it. The oil is so smooth and calming. It also doesn’t irritate my eyes, which is another huge bonus.

Tata Harper ‘Elixir Vitae’ Eye Serum: OK, so first off, this is crazy expensive for an eye serum. I was lucky to be sent one to sample, but now I’m hooked and I’m not sure my bank account is going to be very happy with me. This serum has seriously made my eyes look less wrinkly and a lot more smooth. It’s kinda magical.

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Zoe Organics Everything Balm: I’m a huge fan of everything the team at Zoe Organics does. The company works hard to ensure its products are unique and totally organic. The Everything Balm is something I use on myself and my daughter every day. We use it on our hands, feet, elbows and else anywhere we need some extra hydration.

Kahina Giving Beauty Lip and Face Balm: You may sense a trend in the kind of products I like: If possible, I like them to be natural and it’s a plus if they are multi-use. This product is both of those things! I love, love, love this stuff. It may not be ideal if you have oily skin, but my dry skin eats this up. I actually like the greasy feel it leaves at first, but then it dries perfectly.

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask: This mask by Glossier is great for when I’m feeling extra dry. It instantly plumps me up!

Glossier Flavored Balm Dotcom – Rose: This is my current go-to for a balm. It tastes yummy and is super easy to just toss in my bag and run errands.

Honest Beauty Magic Balm: Another awesome all-purpose product. I mainly use it for my lips, but it’s great for any area that needs more moisture.

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack: Another great Glossier mask that is great for the days when my skin feels inflamed, red and puffy, which happens to me often in the summer after long days in the summer or one too many glasses or rosé (won’t have that issue this summer!).

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First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Face Cream SPF 30: SPF is essential every day, but even more so in the summer. This face cream is lightweight and non-greasy, and it has an SPF 30. I’ve been using it every day and love it, especially because my other facial products are heavy. I can add this as a last step and it doesn’t clog my pores.

All Good Coconut Oil Skin Food: I’m one of those people who actually likes smelling like an Almond Joy—so coconut oil is great for me. Especially with being pregnant right now, I can feel my skin stretching and tightening. I lather this all over my body day and night.

Glossier Soothing Face Mist: I like to change up my face mists quite often, but this is one that I keep going back to. I usually leave it on my desk for a little hydration pick-me-up.

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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