How To Prevent A Happy Hour Hangover

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Our regular lifestyle contributor, Arin Agase, cures the traditional summertime hangover with eight insightful tips and tricks below!

’Tis the season for backyard barbecues, weddings, happy hour outings and summertime soirées, too! Unfortunately, we all know the next-day results of a great time. Regardless of the flowing drinks, that dreaded hangover doesn’t have to equate to doomsday. In order to fend off hangover misery (think: Headaches, nausea, dehydration—sound familiar?), we’re breaking down some scientifically supported tricks below.

  1. Farewell bubbles: Sadly, Champagne and carbonated mixed beverages actually absorb alcohol more quickly, which leaves your body dehydrated and fatigued. So, save the bubbles for that extra-special occasion. A glass or two is fine, but anything more and you’re on the floor.
  2. Splurge: You get what you pay for, right? More expensive liquors are filtered to remove impurities and toxins, which make hangovers less severe. The pricier the sip, the slower you’ll sip.
  3. Eat up, buttercup: Hangovers are sometimes associated with low levels of blood sugar. Simply put: Eat breakfast! A good meal first thing in the morning is a legendary hangover remedy, as it restores blood sugar levels and hydration. We recommend a large meal containing carbs, proteins and fats—not a bad way to start the day, right? Tip: Eggs are a great place to start!
  4. Wash your hands: Drinking alcohol definitely changes the way your immune system works, so you’re easily exposed to germs. Make sure that you’re regularly washing your hands. Just think of those bar bathrooms—yuck! If you do become infected, you’ll take longer to recover, and if there’s one thing that’s for certain: A hangover and flu symptoms do not mix.
  5. Drink H20: It’s common sense, yes, but still so easy to forget! Keep a glass of water bedside, and make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout the night. I’m not sure if the ‘one-for-one’ rule holds true, but try it out. For every alcoholic beverage you consume, drink a glass of water in between. It may help your body stay hydrated, which means you’re less likely to suffer a hangover after a night out. Winning!
  6. Rest: This one is perhaps the most important of them all! Most people don’t get nearly enough sleep prior to a big night out. If you have a major event, make sure you’re hitting the hay extra early to ensure a long night’s rest. This will not only improve immunity, but it will get your body prepared for drinking.
  7. Take your vitamins: Antioxidants help mitigate hangover damage, so make sure you’re taking a multivitamin or sipping on some pomegranate juice before going out.
  8. Moderation is (obviously!) key: As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the importance of quality over quantity. So long to the days of drinking to drink. Sipping slower will definitely help, too! You can still have fun without consuming countless drinks. It’s OK to say “no.” Just think of how amazing you’ll feel tomorrow when everyone else is in hangover hell.
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Author: Arin Agase

Chicago fashion + lifestyle blogger at Heart Of Chic | Fueled by hard work + deep-dish pizza | Glitter Guide + contributor | Follow her adventures on Instagram!