How To Plan (And Dress For!) The Perfect Road Trip

Hitting The Road With Plenti In The Passenger Seat

Contributor Kaleigh Glaza offers five travel tips that ensure you and your pals experience the adventure of a lifetime this travel season!

Remember the family road trips of your childhood? Listening to the radio and chowing down on snacks as you headed to a lake house, family reunion or historic destination? This summer, create your own road trip adventure, but without all the bad ‘Dad’ jokes. Get your friends together and plan a trip to a new city or a faraway beach. For this vacation, the journey is more than half the fun, and we have all the steps to make it an easy ride.

  1. Map it out: Many of us rely on Google Maps on a daily basis, but if you’re really going into the wild, you need to be prepared to go off the map. In case you lose service, make sure to track your route on a paper map as well. It’s actually a fun night-before activity! Have everyone over to finalize your route, then see what fun sites you can stop at along the way because no one would want to miss the world’s largest golf ball or cheese museum if they had the chance!
  2. Gather your tools: One life skill everyone should know is how to change a flat tire. Brush up on this and other basic car knowledge and make sure you have things like a spare tire, gas container and AAA card in the vehicle before you leave. It might seem like something your mom would do, but it could save your butt in a pinch.
  3. Set the menu: Yes, road trips are historic for fast food stops and gas station snacking, and you should definitely indulge a little! However, you can also pack the car with healthy on-the-go snacks that will keep you from slipping into a food coma. Also, throw a cooler in the trunk filled with reusable water bottles like S’well bottles, iced coffees and other refreshing drinks to keep your momentum going, and save money on drinks.
  4. Wardrobe check: Cars are always tricky temperature-wise. Some people are constantly hot, cranking up the air conditioner or cranking down the windows. Others are left shivering throughout the drive. Hopefully you know which way you tend to run on car rides, but just in case, a wardrobe of comfy, cozy layers is the best way to go. Leggings (like this style from Three Dots) are the most comfortable and the sleekest pant option you’ll probably find, but you could go with track pants from Topshop for an athleisure vibe. Top it with a simple tank or tee from Michael Stars and either a soft cashmere cocoon sweater or a blanket scarf . Then finish off the look with the road trip staples: A fun baseball cap and your favorite sunnies from Quay (only $50!).
  5. Tune up: In more ways than one! Of course, you should tune up your car before a big trip, making sure everything is in good working order and that the gas tank is full. But, you will also need some serious tunes for your drive! Now’s the time for throwbacks to your childhood, classic oldies or summer country fun! Create a variety of Spotify playlists that you can access offline (in case you lose service) and make them public, so your friends can add in their favorites, too. Also, go old school and burn a few CDs as a back-up. Then, all that’s left is to press play and head for the open road!

Hitting The Road With Plenti In The Passenger Seat

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Author: Carrie Waller

Carrie is the writer, stylist and photographer behind Dream Green DIY, and also is the features editor for Glitter Guide. Follow along on Instagram!