How To Stay Energized And Productive In The Second Half Of 2016

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Joy Uyeno—the kind-hearted and creative soul behind Frock Files and The Hello Sessions—is here today to share her time-honored tips for finding balance and energy this season. Her strategies (plus a workshop discount code!) are below.

Last fall, I started a new full-time job with a two-hour commute just about a month before The Hello Sessions (the blogging conference I co-founded) was set to take place clear across the country. Suffice it to say, I quickly realized that I had to make every minute of my day matter. You’ve probably heard that some of the world’s most successful people wear a uniform (hello, capsule wardrobe!) or eat the same things every day—these routines help to free up more mental space to steer focus back on important decisions. I think we tend to turn up our noses at the word “routine,” equating it with “boring.” But it’s not so! Routines actually help you to create more space to enjoy your life. Here are a few that have helped me to stay energized and creative while juggling a very full schedule this season:

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Schedule out regularly occurring events.

We were struggling with consistently posting to social media and getting our newsletter out until we nailed down a specific time for each. By taking the guesswork out of when we’ll post, we’re able to concentrate on the ideas we want to share. This mentality has seeped into my personal life, too. Rather than waiting until my hair looks like a mop and then spending an hour trying to find a stylist who can take me, I have haircuts scheduled every six weeks.

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Work in 90-minute cycles (and take breaks).

According to psychologists, we can only focus on tasks for 90 minutes at a time. Instead of fighting the slumps that come at the end of those periods, you’ll be more productive if you go for a walk, have lunch with a friend or do a quick meditation session. It may seem counterproductive, but you’ll actually get more done and feel better at the end of the day.

Put everything in your calendar.

If you’ve ever fallen down the rabbit hole of a social media vortex, you know that time can easily get eaten up when you have blank spots in your calendar. One of the most organized people I know, Maggie Battista, even suggested scheduling in breaks, time to get ready and meals. Doing this has helped me to feel less scattered because I know I’ve budgeted time to do everything that needs to get done—and it also helps me to know when to say ‘no.’


Build learning time in.

One of the best ways to stay engaged with your work is to learn continuously, but it can be hard to find the time when your to-do list is a mile long! So, find ways to do it that work within your schedule. Listen to podcasts and audiobooks in the car, on the train or while you walk your dog. Drink your coffee while browsing industry blogs. Go to workshops and dedicate a day to getting your hands “dirty” learning something you know will benefit your career—this also gives you the opportunity to meet people you’ve long admired! Pairing learning sessions with something pleasurable or something you’re already doing makes it easy to turn them into good habits.

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To learn more about The Hello Sessions or to purchase your ticket for the workshop this October before they sell out, click through to the website here. Glitter Guide readers can score 20 percent off by using coupon code GLITTER20 at checkout!

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Author: Carrie Waller

Carrie is the writer, stylist and photographer behind Dream Green DIY, and also is the features editor for Glitter Guide. Follow along on Instagram!

  • working in 90 min cycles, I never knew that! these are really great tips that I’m going to put to use as I just recently returned to blogging and I’m finding it hard to keep up with social media mostly.

    • Thanks, Kelly! The 90 minute cycles have made a huge difference for me. It’s so helpful to put my focus on the task at hand, knowing that the other stuff can wait. Re: keeping up with social media–blocking off time to do that has helped us a ton, as well. Good luck with your blog!

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