6 Face Masks To Get You Through Summer

Tata Harper

Glitter Guide contributor, Alexandra Leshner, offers a roundup of face masks that help deter the harmful effects of this sunny summer season.

Summertime is a challenging season for many people’s skin. Thanks to the heat and humidity, sweat production kicks into overdrive and clogged pores become a near-constant struggle. For those of us with oilier skin types to begin with, this is a battle we face year-round. However, the warm weather months are especially difficult. When my skin starts to rebel, I immediately reach for a handful of tried-and-true masks that I know will get my face back in check. The six products I’ve singled out below are my go-to picks—give them a try!

  1. Herbivore Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask ($48): Blue tansy oil—an essential oil that’s rich in soothing, anti-inflammatory properties—is the star of this refreshing gel mask. I turn to this mask when my skin craves a gentle refresh and exfoliation. Natural alpha hydroxy acids from papaya and pineapple mix with white willow bark and aloe leaf to create this blend. It tackles everything from hormonal acne to hyperpigmentation.
  2. Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant ($65): Despite the steep price tag, this French mask is one product that I continue to repurchase time and time again. No matter how badly my skin is behaving, I can count on its unique formula to restore order to my face. Fair warning: The color (an unpleasant brown) and the smell (thanks to live yeast extracts) will frighten you at first. However, the results you see after regular use are well worth it.
  3. Tata Harper Purifying Mask ($65): The white clay in this deep-cleansing mask does wonders for keeping oil production at bay. However, it’s the concentrated anti-pollution and anti-aging ingredients (like yogurt powder and cold-pressed oil from prickly pear) that make it a true powerhouse. For a city-dwelling girl who faces smog and environmental toxins on the daily, this mask is a must.
  4. Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask ($22): Earlier this summer, I dealt with a major bout of dry skin. The only remedy that proved effective was this creamy mask from Glossier. This formula is normally a staple in my wintertime routine. It is lightweight, but hydrating, thanks to a combination of natural emollients, hyaluronic acid, honey and aloe. Pop it in the refrigerator before applying to make the experience extra refreshing.
  5. Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque ($32): This brightening mask is the perfect pick-me-up when my complexion requires a bit of a boost. Antioxidant-rich cranberry extract and anti-inflammatory turmeric are the major players here. Plus, micronized cranberry seeds add extra exfoliation when you wash the mask off.
  6. Malin + Goetz Clarifying Clay Mask ($48): When my skin is troublesome, I slap on this mask. It contains refined kaolin clay and powder-like pumice (to gently buff away dead skin cells). Plus, antibacterial ingredients like witch hazel and arnica extract help conquer even the toughest of skin conditions. I slather it on thick and let it dry for 10 minutes. Then I hop in the shower where I use circular motions to rinse it all off.
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