The Skin Brightening Tonic Recipe You Need To Try ASAP

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Lifestyle and beauty editor, Erin Sousa, offers us a quick and easy recipe for Skin Brightening Tonic that (you guessed it!) will do wonders for brightening your complexion this season!

We know how important it is to stay hydrated, and I’m sure that, just like me, you’re always looking for hacks to get more water. As they say, eight glasses of liquid a day is an essential part of our routineit brightens the skin, flushes toxins and keeps our energy up! The homemade Skin Brightening Tonic I’m sharing below is something you’ll love to drink throughout the day, and it has even more benefits than a regular glass of water. Not only does this sipper taste refreshing, but the health benefits of the apple cider vinegar are major. This stuff is a powerhouse for your body and aids in digestion, blood sugar regulation, inflammation (skin included!) and overall detoxing.

I first heard about this tonic from Vintner’s Daughter founder, April, who swears by it for achieving beautiful skin. I did tweak the recipe though, replacing cranberry juice with lemonade because I love citrus flavors. The lemonade is just there for a little hint of sweetness and flavor, so adding a little bit is key. I always like to add a slice of lemon or lime, too, because that makes it even more enjoyable to sip. Incorporate this tonic into your usual water schedule, and maybe even make a pitcher for the fridge that you can refill your glass with all day long!

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Skin Brightening Tonic

  • 3 parts sparkling water
  • 1 part lemonade
  • Splash of apple cider vinegar
  • Ice
  • Lime or lemon for garnish

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Author: Erin Sousa

Erin is the founder & principal of Sparkle Media, and blogs at The Sparkle. Erin lives in her downtown Vancouver condo with her husband, Roberto, and their dog, Ava. Follow on Instagram!

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