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To create stylish, inspiring designs, it’s no secret that you need uplifting surroundings to stimulate the process. For Nicolle Sullivan—the bustling CEO of home products brand CULTIVER—that meant renovating her space to echo the brand’s signature aesthetic. Full of natural light and flush with luxurious texture, Nicolle’s office is a place we certainly wouldn’t mind working from every weekday!

When you first walk into the CULTIVER space, you’re in for an eye-opening treat. The mostly monochromatic color scheme is punctuated with modern and glam pieces that ultimately create one sleek and chic space. We’re especially crushing on her well-styled gallery wall filled with unique artwork and frames! Step inside CULTIVER’s headquarters below and find out how this creative entrepreneur got her start, details about her favorite office traditions and the exciting projects Nicolle has on the horizon for her company.

Tell us a little bit more about CULTIVER and how it came to be! Why did you decide to take the leap and start your own business?

After having my first daughter, I took the chance to do something completely different (after working in financial markets for 10 years). Making home products was relatively new in ecommerce, and I wanted to offer the type of pieces that I had become passionate about shopping online for—things that were high-quality, well-sourced and well-priced, with a “cult” factor about them. I joke that I had to find an outlet for the years I had spent researching online shopping from the buying side!

black shelves

black and white zig zag vase

How would you describe CULTIVER’s office culture?

We are really proud of our collaborative environment. The open plan means there is plenty of opinion-sharing and team input every day. The chance to all have creative input to our brand keeps things lively. We are a tight team—each person who has joined the team has been very carefully chosen and fits like a glove. This was really important to have everyone click as we work so closely together. We all love coming to work every day!

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As a creative, an inspiring space is a must! What served as your inspiration when designing the space?

An environment to foster the above was the goal, so we wanted a sense of spaciousness, light and some beautiful objects to inspire us.

gold table lamp

The collaborative desk environment allows for the sharing of ideas and promotes a culture where everyone feels comfortable feeding off of each other. Each person’s ideas are equally valued across all platforms.

inspiration board

Can you take us through the process of designing your office with Claudia Stephenson Interiors? How was she able to bring your vision to life?

We have worked closely with Claudia in the past on various collaborations, so she was well-versed in CULTIVER’s aesthetic. We had a bit of a wish list and a clear idea of how we wanted the space to look, so it was more about communicating this to Claudia to make sure we nailed it. Claudia was able to bring the ideas to life and create zones in the large open plan space that were all user-friendly and beautiful at the same time.

What’s your favorite team tradition in the office?

Sushi Wednesdays!

fur blanket

white desk

What’s on your desk right now?

An orchid, stationary drawer, Mac computer and calculator and a drawing from my daughter.

Has the sleek black-and-white, neutrals-based aesthetic of the office rubbed off on your look at home, too? Or the other way around?

I think it was a bit of both. Whilst our brand is very clean and crisp, I like to incorporate more personality with vintage finds.

navy bedding

glass desk

Tell us about your favorite go-to work outfit.

Blush pants, a crisp white shirt and nude heels.

What’s one item you’re personally dying to use that’s on the CULTIVER site right now?

Our silk velvet cushions. The fabric and colors are so luxe and unique.

How do you think this space promotes productivity?

The collaborative desk environment allows for the sharing of ideas and promotes a culture where everyone feels comfortable feeding off of each other. Each person’s ideas are equally valued across all platforms.

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white peonies

square business cards

The best way to end my day is knowing we have gone above and beyond for our clients, and that people feel good about supporting our brand.

black vases

What do you appreciate most about owning office space in Sydney, Australia?

The sunshine we have streaming through the windows for the majority of the year, and the fact we can be at the beach or the city in 10 minutes from the office.

Top three favorite places to order lunch into the office: Go!

Our friendly sushi food truck is a fave, but we are also partial to ordering in Thai or a cheese plate.

If you could tell us one thing that sets CULTIVER’s brand philosophy apart from the rest, what would it be?

We are focused on providing the best experience for our customers by continuously exceeding expectations.

leather bag


What are some things you’re working on that you’re excited about?

We have a few new colors coming into the range later on in the year for both the U.S. and Australian stores. We’re very focused on expanding our American client base, as well as an expansion of our silk velvet cushion range. We have lots more in the works!

What’s the best way to end your work day?

The best way to end my day is knowing we have gone above and beyond for our clients, and that people feel good about supporting our brand.

For more detailed information about the team’s office makeover and linked product resources, visit the CULTIVER blog here!

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