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Sure, everyone’s familiar with the age-old question of what to wear each morning, but are you also faced with the challenge of deciding what to listen to on your drive into work? Instead of turning the dial to that mainstay radio station, consider switching things up by tuning in to a new-to-you podcast!

The team behind Darling Magazine is here to help in your quest to fight grogginess with the perfect podcasts. Their top seven suggestions for on-the-go listening are below, and you can check out five more selections by clicking here!

The morning commute. Many of us fall victim to those long hours spent in the car. Hours that often have the tendency to bring out the worst in us. This frustration is heightened when we’re inching along the freeway, stuck in morning traffic on our way to work. When we finally arrive, we’re grumpy from sitting in our car rather than motivated to start a productive day at the office.

The good news for the commuting woman is that there is a tool to help her restless mind break free from the car jail cell and into another world. This tool is the podcast, a way to take back control over your commute. Podcast selections are endless, providing listeners with their choice of suspense, comedy, education, advice and motivation. Podcast listeners are an inquisitive and passionate community, ready to grasp any opportunity to explore and learn just by listening.

“But where to start?” Picking your first podcast is like walking into a bookstore filled to the brim with thousands of books, and then trying to decide on just one. Whether you’re a seasoned podcast lover or new to the scene, here are 12 podcasts perfect for the Darling commuter.

1. If you’re fascinated by the human mind…


Criminal is not your everyday crime show. Instead of the traditional crime show structure of walking the listener through details of a grisly murder, Criminal specializes in crime of a different kind. One episode takes us into the world of a man tasked with breaking up a Venus flytrap theft ring, while another follows the mysterious case of a clever thief with a fondness for rare books. These episodes include both stories and interviews, giving a fascinating look into the minds and lives of criminals and those who fell victim to their crimes.

*Where to start: Episode 5: Dropping Like Flies, Episode 23: Triassic Park or Episode 22: Ex Libris

2. If you’re a boss lady (or dream of being one…)

Girl Boss

Girl Boss is the perfect podcast to get you pumped for a successful day at work. It’s lighthearted with a healthy dose of comedy. However, it also dives into the stories of successful women who are making big things happen in their career. The show’s hosts, Sophia and Liz make a point of sharing their own lives with listeners, whether that be what they wore to a party over the weekend, the results of a recent therapy session or a recent #girlbossmoment. Whether you are a girl boss or on your way to becoming one, this podcast will shed a light of inspiration on your morning drive.

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*Where to start: Payal Kadakia, Co-founder and CEO of ClassPass

3. If you consider yourself a part-time detective…


From the creators of “This American Life,” host Sarah Koenig brings her listeners alongside a story, told week by week over the course of a season. Listeners were so invested in season one of Serial that it quickly rose to the top of the podcast charts. The stories are told with such detailed devotion to the characters and plot that you don’t want the episode to end. Similar to binging on your favorite Netflix series, Serial will get you so hooked that you might just sit in your car once you have arrived at work because you NEED to hear the end of the episode. Start at the beginning and listen in order. Your morning drive will suddenly seem shorter.

*Where to start: Season 1, episode 1

4. If you’re driving to work but would rather be embarking on an exciting adventure…

Roam + Golightly

Those who long to express their creativity and live adventurously will love this podcast. With an inspiring list of guests, Roam + Golightly proves that it is possible to live authentically when we seek to incorporate passion into our lives in creative ways. You might be sitting in traffic on the way to your nine-to-five job, but if your heart craves adventure, then these interviews will help you find a way to access it. There is no better boost of confidence than hearing inspiring words from those you relate to, both emotionally and artistically.

*Where to start: Episode 1: Grand Possibilities with Ziza Bauer of Darling Magazine

Darling Magazine

5. If much of your day is devoted to thinking about food…

Burnt Toast by Food52

Delightful and charming are the two words that come to mind after listening to an episode of Burnt Toast. If you’re a foodie, this podcast will fill you with inspiration and give you a chance to hear from influential members of the culinary community.  Hosted by Food52 cofounders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, the Food52 podcast is a way for you to forget the stress of the day and be transported into the kitchen. You won’t be sitting in traffic, you’ll be cooking with a friend in Italy, enjoying a glass of wine with the Barefoot Contessa or devouring street tacos in LA. You might want to have some car snacks on hand for this one.

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*Where to start: Episode What We Cook When We Don’t Feel Like Cooking or Episode Judith Jones and Her Life in Food

6. If you want to know the stories behind the music you hear on the radio…


Founded by songwriters Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor from Liverpool, this podcast serves as their own creative outlet. This songwriting team interviews guests such as Lennon and McCartney, Bacharach and David, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Goffin and King, The Lumineers and The Chic Organization. Hearing the stories behind our favorite songs provides a whole new experience to listening to them. Barber and O’Connor know just what questions they need to ask in order to bring out the best in their guests, giving listeners an intimate look into the minds of musicians.

*Where to start: Episode 91: The Lumineers

7. If you constantly wonder how things work…

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know was recognized as one of iTunes’ Best of 2008 podcasts. And it’s only gotten better from there. Often abbreviated to SYSK, this podcast educates listeners on numerous topics that range from everyday mechanics, to mythology and politics. The hosts use pop-culture references to give a touch of comedic relief. When listening to an episode of SYSK, you quickly become engrossed in the inner workings of the most random topics that otherwise, you would probably have never stopped to think about so deeply.

*Where to start: How the Gender Pay Gap Works, Mermaids: Not a Real Thing, or How Internet Censorship Works

Darling Magazine

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Author: Carrie Waller

Carrie is the writer, stylist and photographer behind Dream Green DIY, and also is the features editor for Glitter Guide. Follow along on Instagram!

  • I’ve only recently started to listen to some podcasts, and I might have to check some of these out. I think podcasts would be perfect for when you go for a walk too. A bit of entertainment works well along with exercise! :)

  • Thank GOODNESS for podcasts. As an expat, I would be lost without them. They are a great way to keep up with news and culture. I listen when I run, when I drive, when I cook and clean….
    My favorites:
    Fresh Air–interviews about everything.
    On Point–current events
    Planet Money–economics made interesting
    Freakonomics–ditto yet entirely different
    99% Invisible–design makes the world go around
    The Moth–amazing personal stories

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