10 Of Our Favorite Budget-Friendly Wines—That Don’t Include Charles Shaw


Is there anything sweeter than tipping a bottle of your favorite wine into a glass this fall? OK, maybe there are a few other things on the list of oh-so-sweet perks of autumn, but this one is definitely vying for first position on our list. Below, Glitter Guide contributor, Ashley Kane, breaks down our top 10 budget-friendly options to try this season. Don’t see your favorite flavor or brand on the list? Leave your recommendations in the comments. Digital wine tasting, anyone?

  1. Belle Ambiance Chardonnay 2013 ($9.99): It’s a perfectly balanced Chardonnay at the best price point. With each sip, you’ll taste bright citrus, ripe melon and hints of toasty oak that are beautifully complemented by flavors of lemon, orchard-fresh green apple and nutty graham cracker.
  2. Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 ($13.99): Flavors of cherry, chocolate and roasted hazelnut all contribute to the tremendous depth of this wine, and lead to its long and unstinting finish. It’s the easiest glass of red wine to sip on in my book.
  3. Panilonco, Cabernet Sauvignon ($4.99): This Panilonco Cab from Chile is a velvety-rich option. It pairs perfectly with a simple cheese plate and charcuterie. You’ll love the plum and black pepper flavors. What’s more, you can snag it from Trader Joe’s for about as much as you spend on one specialty coffee drink from Starbucks!
  4. Belle Ambiance Pinot Grigio ($10.99): Fruity and crisp, this medium-bodied Pinot Grigio also has some floral notes. Enjoy with a nice charcuterie plate.
  5. La Ferme Julien Vin Rosé ($5.99): This rosé is another one of our go-tos from Trader Joe’s. Even though it’s light and a bit dry, it’s not too dry. It’s the perfect bottle to enjoy outside on a warm evening.
  6. Bogle Merlot ($10.99): This rich-yet-smooth Merlot has notes of vanilla and would go perfectly with your favorite pizza or pasta dish.
  7. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc ($11.99): We love to pair this white with all our summer meals—especially seafood and salads!
  8. Apothic Dark 2014 Red Blend ($9.99): This luscious red wine features full-bodied flavors worthy of a big celebration! Stock up and keep a few bottles on hand for impromptu gifts as we head into the holiday season.
  9. Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc ($11.99): Another one of our favorite summer whites, this wine hails from New Zealand and is fruity but crisp.
  10. 1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel ($16.99): Bourbon barrel aged? Say no more! This red wine packs lots of signature tastes to savor. Think: Dried herbs, rich raspberry, vanilla and black pepper spices.
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