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Nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas, clothing and home gift boutique Adelante is a true gem. The charming store is the go-to place for Austin shoppers to find that perfect wardrobe addition or unique home décor item, and we can’t help but wish that our team was local so that we could indulge, too!

Next year, owner Tricia Roberts will celebrate the store’s 25th anniversary. It’s been 10 years since the store’s last redesign and, with such a significant milestone coming up, Tricia decided it was the perfect time for an update. To make her vision a reality, she enlisted the help of Austin-based interior designer Claire Zinnecker. From the brass inlay in the concrete to the blush-colored sofas, the results are absolutely stunning.

Below, we invite you to step inside Adelante’s redesigned space and to read highlights from our discussion with both Tricia and Claire. We have a feeling you’ll be tempted to book a flight to Austin ASAP!

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Our Chat With The Designer, Claire Zinnecker:

How did you come to know Tricia, the owner of Adelante, and how did you find out about the remodel?

I met Tricia through my college employer back when I was still a student. She hired me fresh out of school to help with a small facelift on the store!

When designing an already-established space, do you tend to incorporate pieces from the previous design or do you prefer to start fresh? What’s your process?

I think, in an ideal world, everyone can start with a clean and fresh slate, but that is often not the case. Tricia had some great bones to work with and we started there. I chose the current pieces based on what we can use/adapt into the new concept. Powder coating does wonders for giving an old fixture new life!

From where did you draw inspiration when designing the new Austin Adelante shop?

I wanted Adelante to feel new and fresh, but still maintain the warmth and authenticity of the store. I love mixing natural materials with man-made ones to give the space visual interest without making it feel busy. Tricia and I both wanted it to be beautiful without being “trendy,” and to speak to her style so that it could hold its own for years.

round white side table

We pretty much replaced everything, which was so fun. Claire truly helped me pull together a more functional and cohesive look, and it feels like we have so much more space! -Tricia Roberts

wooden hangers

What are your favorite things about the redesign? Is there a particular detail (or two!) that you are especially excited for shoppers to enjoy?

I love the brass inlay in the concrete! it was such a fun thing to play with even though the concrete installer wasn’t so sure about my plan! I also love the custom T-stands. Creating custom products like the T-stands is one of my favorite parts of design.

We imagine that it was hard to resist bringing beautiful Adelante products home with you every day! Were there any pieces you had your eye on while on the job? As a shopper, what are your favorite things to pick up from Adelante?

Oh, gosh! It was so hard to have meetings in there! I was always distracted by the clothes. One of my favorite skirts is from there and I’m currently eyeing a delightfully cozy grey jacket!

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Our Chat With The Owner, Tricia Roberts:

What makes owning a shop in Austin, Texas, unique?

We’re so lucky to live in a city that embraces individuality. I think store owners thrive on that aspect and work really hard to create their own niche and unique style.

You’ll be celebrating 25 years in this location next year—congratulations! How has the aesthetic of the shop evolved over the past 25 years?

Wow! Many things have changed over the last 25 years. I started out with painted concrete and yellow walls, then, after a visit to LA, I transitioned the store to more of a shabby chic style inspired by Rachel Ashwell. Ten years ago, when I expanded from 1,400 square feet to 3,200 square feet, the look was all about patterns, glam and Kelly Wearstler. Today, the aesthetic is very clean and modern. We have done it all—from boho, shabby chic and ’70s glam to the contemporary modern look of today. I am proudest of the most recent renovation—it is just beautiful!

copper chandelier

gold and gray flooring

What was it that made you decide to redesign the store? What were your main goals—both functionally and aesthetically—with the new look and space?

It had been 10 years since my last redesign and the store was looking a little dated. I always want the store to feel fresh and fun for my customers. For this redesign, my main goal was to have one cohesive look so the clothing, gifts and home décor would stand out. Functionally, I added more versatile shelving for hanging clothes and gift products. We mixed some of my existing pieces but replaced almost everything else, which was so fun. Claire truly helped me pull together a more functional and cohesive look, and it feels like we have so much more space!

What’s been the most exciting opportunity for the shop so far?

The most exciting opportunity was when I took a chance and expanded. I was really nervous about owning such a big space. I called my mom, who is my mentor and the woman who taught me everything. She said, “Go for it!” I felt like I was rolling the dice in Vegas. Today, my business is still growing, and what an opportunity to grow with Austin! My shop has been thriving and flourishing like the city of Austin.

What do the next 25 years look like for you and Adelante?

Well, I am growing older just like my business. In 25 years, I hope my daughter is running this business while I enjoy myself somewhere tropical.

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