Touring The Redesigned Gorjana Flagship Shop In Laguna Beach, California

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The saying goes, “Less is more,” and we certainly agree after touring Gorjana’s freshly redesigned flagship store! Situated in the heart of Laguna Beach, California, Gorjana’s jewelry stands out against the minimalistic, light and airy vibe of the store’s design. We sat down with owner, Gorjana Reidel, and the space’s designer, Becki Owens, to catch a glimpse of the story behind this boho-chic jewelry store and its stunning new interiors.

The space unassumingly exudes California-cool, as does Gorjana’s simplistic and beautiful pieces. We love how the understated sophistication of Becki’s design perfectly showcases Gorjana’s timeless pieces (and we can’t get over the budget-friendly price points, too!). So, if Southern California holds a special spot on your travel wish list, make sure you stop in to check out all of Gorjana and Becki’s hard work. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Our chat with the designer, Becki Owens

How would you describe your aesthetic as an interior designer?

Living in a Southern California beach town has definitely influenced my design aesthetic. I love modern, clean lines mixed with laid-back bohemian elements to create a new coastal look. I try to work with and enhance the natural light of a space by starting with a minimal foundation. There are a lot of vintage textiles in my designs and I love statement lighting. These elements give my projects personality, interest and add amazing color and shine.

Explain your vision for the Gorjana flagship store in Laguna Beach. What was your approach to the project from start to finish?

The store is located on a great street in Laguna Beach, California. It’s an artistic and stylish community. We wanted it to have the cool, coastal vibe of Laguna Beach and be a clean backdrop to highlight Gorjana’s jewelry. From the moment you walk in, it feels fresh and airy. It’s a relaxed environment where you can take time to browse her beautiful jewelry collection. Her pieces are really showcased against the simplicity of the modern displays.

cement tile bar

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hanging basket chair

How did you and Gorjana collaborate to design a store space consistent with her brand?

Gorjana had some inspirational images that she loved. We took those ideas, brought our perspective and created a vision for the store that reflected her personal style and the company’s aesthetic.

What design rules or philosophies influence your work?

I generally believe “less is more” in design. I like to start with a clean foundation and then pick a few key elements to define the space. There are so many fun trends in design, so sometimes it’s easy to go overboard. Just a few unique pieces and textiles will make the space.

wood counter

gold chandelier

How has your style changed and evolved over the years?

I think over time my style has become more refined, with more elements of sophistication. I’ve edited more and become more selective with my choices. When I decorate with trends, they tend to be incorporated through the textiles—pieces that can be swapped out later as styles change. When it comes to the foundation of a space, I like to create a timeless look that you can layer and build on.

Where do you like to shop for budget-friendly furniture and décor items?

Target and Urban Outfitters have great affordable finds for furniture and decor. I like the rug selection at Urban Outfitters. The Target Threshold line has a great selection of budget-friendly accessories for the home.

Favorite date night spot and/or activity?

Our favorite date night spot is a local restaurant called South of Nick’s. It has a cool atmosphere and great food. We also love family nights at the beach. We pack snacks and watch the kids play in the ocean. There is nothing better.

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Our chat with the owner, Gorjana Reidel

What prompted you to start your own jewelry business?

I was 22 and really fell in love with the beauty of jewelry, but because I was on a budget, I wanted to create pieces that I could afford. I had been working in the fine jewelry world and wanted to create a collection that was every bit as beautiful, but at a more approachable price point.

white shelving

Moroccan mirror

Where do you find inspiration for your jewelry designs?

I get inspired from different things all the time. It could be a cool shape I see, or I will look at something I want to wear and come up with the perfect jewelry piece to complete the look.

What key pieces would you recommend women add to their jewelry collections?

We just launched an amazing piece called the Laguna Necklace. It’s one necklace that is so versatile. You can wear it seven different ways—a choker, lariat and more—there are so many options. I also love our Taner Bar Necklace. It is a short necklace that you can wear with everything. Our Power Gemstone Bracelet is a must-have as well. Each stone holds a different energy, which really allows you to customize and add meaning to your bracelet stack.

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Describe the process of designing and establishing your flagship store in Laguna Beach.

We really wanted to capture the essence of our brand and make sure the store communicated that. We took elements of our jewelry—the timelessness and gold details—as well as our surroundings here in beautiful Laguna Beach and merged the two. We teamed up with Becki Owens and she really brought our vision to life. It was really important to us to have our flagship in our hometown. We live and work here, so we wanted to share that energy with everyone.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

How long it took to bring that vision to reality. We continued to push through, did not settle for “just good enough,” and waited if we needed to wait so everything ultimately came together just right. Needless to say, it took longer than we anticipated, but we could not be more thrilled with the result.

two-tone pot

navy ottoman

How do you and your husband, Jason, make business decisions together? Any tips for other couples looking to start their own business?

We have been working together for more than 12 years now, so we have definitely found our groove. It was not an easy process, but clear communication is the key.

What types of activities do you and Jason enjoy doing together and with your kids outside of the shop/office?

We really embrace the Southern California lifestyle. We love going on hikes, going to the beach or being out on our boat. They are all such great family activities and we love that we get to be outside.

Favorite way to relax and unwind—go!

Getting a massage!

brass house numbers


Barn door and hardware by White Shanty // Front table with gold legs by Selamat Designs // Cash-wrap tile by Cement Tile Shop

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