See, Eat, Drive: Must-Dos for a Girls’ Weekend in Palm Springs

See, Eat, Drive: Must-Dos for a Girls’ Weekend in Palm Springs

When someone asks if you and a girlfriend want to go to Palm Springs and spend a few nights at the Parker Palm Springs, you say “YES.” The Parker (and Palm Springs in general) has been on my radar since I moved out to California and began to make a list of all the cool places on Instagram that I eventually wanted to visit out here. So, when the opportunity arose to take a trip out there, I jumped on it!

In this case, Chevrolet reached out to invite us to celebrate the all-new Malibu Hybrid with a road trip to Palm Springs and a stay at the Parker. I knew exactly who I was going to bring with me on this girls’ trip! My friend Hannah has a penchant for fashion and interior design and I knew she was going to love a little trip to the desert and a stay at this iconic hotel. Seeing as we hadn’t seen each other for a little more than a month, it also was the perfect way to catch up on life and do a little relaxing. Read on to get our tips on what to see, eat and do if you happen to get the chance to spend a weekend in Palm Springs.



Clearly I’m biased here, but if you ever have the chance to stay at the Parker Palm Springs, take it! It’s truly a magical place and it’s safe to say that Hannah and I never wanted to leave. From the moment you arrive at the Parker and see the big white walls and orange doors, it only gets better. Re-done by Jonathan Adler in 2004, the entire property is design (and Instagram) gold. Beyond its looks, the Parker’s staff is incredibly friendly, accommodating and helpful. Plus, you instantly get this zen-like feeling the moment you walk through those large orange doors. Like I said, MAGIC.

Of course, there are an abundance of other cool places to stay in Palm Springs. If you aren’t already familiar with the area, Taylor had a great time at the Ace Hotel earlier this year and the Saguaro Palm Springs is another hotel on my list to visit.






Norma’s and the Lemonade Stand at the Parker: Obviously, if you are staying at the Parker, get drinks from the Lemonade Stand and food at Norma’s. It’s the perfect way to cool down after a day of tennis or laying out in the sun at the pool!




King’s Highway at the Ace Hotel: This dinner-style spot is pretty great for any kind of meal. Hannah and I stopped here for a mid-afternoon snack of avocado toast, fries and okra before some thrift shopping. And yes, the avocado toast is delicious and you should order it here.


The Purple Palm at the Colony Palms Hotel: If you are looking for evening ambience, the Colony Palms Hotel is a place you need to try. The bar and restaurant are so cute and overlook the dreamiest pool.

Koffi: We had to find a place to grab coffee and just so happened to try Koffi, which we later realized has a few locations. I loved that it served almond milk there.



Pool time: You can’t stay in a hotel in Palm Springs without spending some quality time by the pool. The one at the Parker is pretty spectacular. We spent a good portion of a morning reading and lounging under those beautiful white and yellow umbrellas and palm trees.

Treat yourself at the spa: What’s a girls’ getaway without a little spa time? The spa at the Parker, also known as the Palm Springs Yacht Club, was so lovely and relaxing. I enjoyed my first facial (amazing!) and Hannah got a massage.



Shopping and thrifting: There are a ton of cute and cool places to shop in Palm Springs for clothing and furniture. Hannah and I are really into thrifting, so we knew we had to hit up some places before we left town. We ended up visiting The Frippery. It had the most beautiful, high-quality (albeit pricey) vintage pieces. We also made stops at Angel View and Jackie Lee’s and we both ended up scoring some funky vintage purses.



Drive around and look at houses: It’s no secret that Palm Springs is known for its abundance of  mid-century modern houses. Of course, our first stop was finding That Pink Door (and take a million pictures). It was so fun to drive around and see all the cool homes and really take in the designs and architecture! Luckily, we were cruising around in our Malibu Hybrid, which was super helpful for navigating and keeping the road trip tunes going. For someone who considers herself not the strongest driver, I couldn’t believe how easy and comfortable the Malibu Hybrid was to drive! This family-friendly vehicle gets amazing mileage (I never had to refill the tank). It also has a ton of other neat features including Apple CarPlay and Teen Driver. I’m sure my parents would have loved to have that when I was a teenager!


I don’t know if I could have had a more perfect first Palm Springs trip and I sure can’t wait to go back for another visit. There is something really magical about the place and it left me feeling refreshed and inspired!

Thank you to Chevrolet for taking us along on this ride!

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Author: Abby Vancisin

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