How To Style A Functional Entryway Credenza

Juju hat

Society Social founder Roxy Te Owens has quite a bit on her entrepreneurial plate, but did you know that she’s the stylist and photographer behind the brand, too? Read on to learn Roxy’s eight tricks of the trade that will have you styling furniture like a pro in no time.

So, you finally bought that fabulous piece of furniture you’ve been dreaming of. It was love at first Instagram sight, but now that it’s home, you’re stuck on how to style it like the image that hooked you in the first place!

I just launched my fifth furniture collection. As the photographer and stylist for the photo shoots here at Society Social, I’ve challenged myself to style all 11 of my new designs! In this challenge, I hope to inspire and share what I’ve learned along the way starting with the Carmen Credenza. Don’t let the large surface area intimidate you. It’s perfect for lots of fun decorating moments that are both pretty and functional! My eight step-by-step tips are below.

striped rug

  1. The credenza: Start with a classic piece that can be re-invented in your home over and over again. This Carmen Credenza from my new line features woven raffia on clean lines and sleek brass pulls and caps. The shade of navy serves as a neutral blank canvas ready to be styled!
  2. Rugs under toe: Layer coordinating rugs for interest, but also to create a distinct walkway. Your guests will want to follow the welcoming runner right in!
  3. Make it functional: Add a chair for kicking off your shoes and a lamp for height and light! The Carmen also features drawers and cabinets perfect for hiding keys, mail and unwanted clutter.
  4. Create a statement: This large juju hat is not only a unique conversation piece, but it also creates a focal point for art and accessories.
  5. Decorate with books: They’re a quick way to infuse a little personality. They are also perfect for creating different levels on the credenza for accessorizing. This step is important for visual interest.
  6. Add personal treasures: Whether it’s an Italian glass bowl from your last trip to Murano, a go-to candle or found flea market tchotchkes, personal pieces are what make your home yours!
  7. Don’t forget art: A home isn’t complete without art, in our opinion! In this instance, layering art adds color and height. You don’t want the eye to run into a dead end, so incorporate varying heights and textures. Also, space everything out organically in order to keep the visual flow moving!
  8. Finish with greenery: I chose this tall olive tree for its height, which balances out the lamp and stands up to the large-scale juju hat.

leather bag

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Author: Carrie Waller

Carrie is the writer, stylist and photographer behind Dream Green DIY, and also is the features editor for Glitter Guide. Follow along on Instagram!