Looking Back On Jillian Harris’s Sweet “Sip & See” Baby Shower

striped linen napkins

We all know and love Jillian Harris for her flawless taste in on-trend at-home style, and today we’re getting a chance to see her eye for design turn to a more pint-sized client: Her brand new baby boy! Jillian worked with CountDown Events to put together what can only be described as one dreamy “Sip & See” baby shower for little Leo, and we’re showing off the entire soirée below.

pink dress

lawn lanterns

How did you land on the classic-yet-contemporary theme and jewel-toned color scheme for your baby shower?

When thinking about Leo’s Sip & See event, I knew I wanted something that was playful, but still elegant and effortless. With this in mind, I contacted Soha Lavin and her team from the fabulous event planning company CountDown Events, whom I’ve worked with on a number of occasions. She brought my vision to life by using elements, patterns and textures not typically paired together (think: stripes, rich jewel tones, natural elements like the alfresco long table). In the end, it all came together quite organically—classic but contemporary in feel and style.

gold balloons

live band

gold Moroccan tray

wood cutting board

In your mind, what was the most important thing for your guests to take away from their time at the event?

That we love them and are so honored to have their support as we bring Leo up.

How did you decide on Leo’s name?

Justin and I couldn’t decide on a name. I wanted Harrison and he wanted Wyatt. Tori (of Fraiche Nutrition) was pregnant at the time and she wanted to name her son Leo, but her husband didn’t like it! So, I said to Justin, “Babe, what do you think of Leo!?” He said he liked it and we said, “OK. Leo it is.” That was that! His middle names, George Tiziano, are after our grandparents on both of our fathers’ sides!

grilled corn

calligraphy banner

fingerprint guest book

wild grapes

Tell us about the menu for the baby shower.

We wanted a laid-back atmosphere for guests to feast and graze throughout the party. We wanted a burst of flavors with every bite along with some favorite comfort food items.

buffet table

gold rimmed glasses

flower crown

Where did you source all of the sweet custom details, like the “Baby Leo” coasters, cocktail sticks and wooden signs?

CountDown Events worked with their favorite artisans to blend an assortment of details working with the lion symbols, along with more fun details like, “Roar Like a Lion.” The design of the napkins and coasters printed by Love by Phoebe played with the illustration of a lion with a crown, and gave guests the opportunity to write a sweet note for Leo. Other details such as the wooden signs added to the overall playfulness of Leo’s first party while giving a natural way of adding signage to the yard.

lion cake topper

postmark cans

All of the amazing vendors, companies, friends and family that went out of their way to make it beyond perfect for our family was more than we could have ever expected or asked for. There was just so much love going around and I kept thinking, “This is for you, little Leo! Everyone is here for you!”

flower crowns

lace shawl

The perfect maternity-friendly party clothing for expecting or brand new moms: Go!

Dresses! I like to be comfortable, but still look cute—dresses are the perfect attire for any expecting mommy. If you are a new mama and are breastfeeding, there are some great options with zips under the bust line for breastfeeding. Boob, Au Lait, ASOS and Hatch all have a great maternity lines!

wooden bead garland

thank you note

How do you balance work and family?

It’s hard and sometimes I don’t! I mean I try, and I am constantly working on it. When I am home, I try my best to be fully “present” and “home.” But it’s a really tough balance, especially being a new mom. Blocking out dates in my calendar to spend time with just my family has been a really great tool for me lately. That way I’m sure not to book anything else and can just focus on myself and my little family. But, I am telling you, you think other moms are ‘doing it,’ but they aren’t. And if they say they are, they are lying—and I’m one of them. I have breakdowns, I cry, I have mom guilt and my toenails look like a vulture got them. My hygiene isn’t what it used to be, and I just don’t care about our paw print-covered duvet anymore! But, I just take it day by day, task by task and when something gets missed, I try to let it go and not make a big deal of it! I try.

Moroccan lanterns


What are some things our readers could easily copy from your event in order to get the look?

Balloons! Lots of them and in different colors. They really helped in creating frames for the entry, popcorn station and photo opp spot. Also, picking one or two elements as the foundation of the overall design (in this case, the black and white stripes) and layering color after that.

garden party

flag cupcake toppers

custom drink stirrer

Can you offer a few pieces of advice to new moms looking to throw a beautiful and meaningful baby shower event?

  1. Try to relax and enjoy, as hard as that might be.
  2. Plan ahead with family who will help care for the baby while you host your guests.
  3. Hire a professional to manage the whole event so you have one less thing on your plate.

spicy chicken

formal black and white tents

I have breakdowns, I cry, I have mom guilt and my toenails look like a vulture got them. But, I just take it day by day, task by task.

chrome bracelet

tufted loveseat

What do you think you’ll remember most from your “Sip & See” baby shower?

The amount of love that was shown for our little Leo. It was truly amazing. All of the amazing vendors, companies and friends/family that went out of their way to make it beyond perfect for our family was more than we could have ever expected or asked for. There was just so much love going around and I kept thinking, “This is for you, little Leo! Everyone is here for you!” We can’t thank everyone who was involved enough!

xo baby blanket

polka dot balloons


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Author: Carrie Waller

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