Our Favorite Remedies To Quickly Kick The Common Cold

Our Favorite Remedies To Quickly Kick The Common Cold

Don’t let that nasty cold get the best of you! Glitter Guide contributor, Arin Agase, invites you to take charge with these simple DIY treatments that will soothe your soul and clear up that stuffy nose.

It’s that pesky time of year again when sneezing, coughing, sniffling and congestion start cropping up. It can be tough work to fight off those germs! While there isn’t a cure for the common cold (sigh), there are plenty of home remedies that will make you feel better faster. Today, I’m sharing my favorite remedies to kick that cold curbside.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Brew: One of the most important things to do when you’re sick is to drink a ton of fluids to restore what your body is losing. This delicious drink will boost your immune system and energy levels to get you feeling better fast. It will help you breathe through your nose and make you feel less stuffy, too.
  2. Flu-Fighting Tea: Natural and effective, this tea is perfect for a fever, aches, pains and a sore throat. Bonus: It tastes delicious and my husband absolutely swears by it! It’s a combination of fresh ginger, lemon juice, honey, cinnamon clove and cayenne. By the way, cayenne is your BFF during the cold season. Be sure to always keep some on hand!
  3. Mashed Turnips: I bet you haven’t heard of this one before! Jam-packed with vitamin C and calcium, this root veggie is known as the ‘blood purifier’ in folk medicine. In Iran, a plate of mashed turnips even stands in for chicken soup. It’s supposed to do wonders for your stuffy nose, so give it a try! Here’s a delicious recipe.
  4. Steam with essential oils: It’s time to treat yourself. This is one of my favorite remedies (sick or not) for instant results. You’ll need a heat-proof bowl, a towel, boiling water and 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil or eucalyptus. Simply put the oils in the bottom of the bowl and carefully pour in several cups of boiling hot water. Put your face near the bowl, but start far away because the steam can be very hot, and you don’t want to do any damage to that pretty face of yours! After things have cooled for a bit, eventually situate your entire face directly over the bowl, and drape the towel over your head to trap the steam. Take big, deep breaths. Don’t forget to keep some tissues on hand to blow your nose throughout, and keep repeating this treatment throughout the day.
  5. Radishes: This veggie is anti-septic, and filled with vitamins and minerals. If you’re stuffed up, try eating a few to see if you notice results (you may be pleasantly surprised). They’re best when chilled, so keep them in your fridge.
  6. Turmeric Milk: This is a popular remedy for just about anything that’s bothering you, including colds, congestion, headaches and sore throats. It’s a depression fighter as well! What makes this stuff so good for you? It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While these remedies may ward off minor symptoms, always consult your doctor about the best treatment options for you!

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Author: Arin Agase

Chicago fashion + lifestyle blogger at Heart Of Chic | Fueled by hard work + deep-dish pizza | Glitter Guide + AshleyTisdale.com contributor | Follow her adventures on Instagram!

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