Karla Quiz Invites Us Inside Her Bright Home

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Karla & Her Home

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes, but for Karla Quiz, it’s best described as a home filled with love, family and lots of dancing! As the owner and founder of James Fox Co. and the mother of two vibrant little girls, Karla is rarely lacking in excitement. Whether it’s bopping around town from play dates to meetings, or finally relaxing on the couch with a well-deserved glass of wine, Karla fills her life with nothing but the things she finds most important.

As we perused the bright, bohemian finishes of Karla’s home, we were immediately inspired to create fresh, clean spaces of our own. The simplistic, open décor of this creative designer’s living space is accented only by special, personal items that hold sentimental value for the Quiz family. These details—complemented by small pops of pink, orange and gold—left us feeling welcomed, warm and wanting more.

The loving care Karla puts into her home also carries over into her company. Following the births of her two daughters, France and Fair, Karla was inspired by her experiences to design a line of functional, yet feminine, hospital gowns for expectant mothers. Her deep desire to care for and empower women is a beautiful and respectable mission we firmly stand behind. Without further ado, we invite you into the loving, quirky, feminine home of Karla Quiz below!

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How would you describe the personality or general aesthetic of your home?

I would say, bohemian and chic. If my home were a girl, she would be quirky, feminine, neat and have a love for life and exploring. We wanted to take our time filling our space, and only bring in the special items we find as we do life together as a family. We still have some spaces to fill, but that’s OK!

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What is the overarching color palette you try to stick to when decorating? Is it different when adding to your wardrobe?

I think I’m pretty consistent in our home—neutrals with pops of pink, orange and gold. But it’s nothing like my wardrobe these days! Since becoming a mom, I have added a lot more black to my repertoire. My house is probably a lot happier than my closet! And now thinking about it, I should probably work on that next. P.S. My husband’s favorite color is pink, so don’t feel bad for him.

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If you had to choose, what would be your most treasured detail or decoration in your home right now?

I recently had the girls’ newborn handmade blazer box-framed. They both wore it as babies, and it’s so special and beautiful to me. France likes to tell friends, “That used to fit me when I was almost out of my mom’s belly.” It’s a conversation piece hanging right by our dining table.

Describe your best food day.

Tough question. We have Oakland, San Francisco and Napa so close that we are spoiled. This day would mean no calorie counting (not that I even do that…let’s be real). Breakfast doughnuts at Doughnut Dolly in Oakland then lunch at El Molino Central in Sonoma followed by dinner at Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco. This would be a dream day for foodies.

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If my home were a girl, she would be quirky, feminine, neat and have a love for life and exploring.

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Can you name a few go-to stores for home décor?

bench dining room seating

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Imagine the most frivolous or extravagant home décor purchase you could wish for! What would it be, and why do you crave it?

I’ve been eyeing this fun pouf by Aelfie! We are hosting Christmas at my house this year, and we could use the extra seating for the kids and I think it’s so fun.

Can you give us a rundown of daily routines with two little girls?

The morning time is pretty wild around here! We are all up by 6ish every day. Typically, Jason and France head out to school/work around 7:50 a.m. Fair and I clean up the morning’s mess, make beds together and then I get us ready. Next, we’ll head out to do errands, meetings or for a play date. Both Fair and I pick up sister around 3 p.m., and then it’s snack time, play, dinner, bath and reading/journaling before bed. On Wednesdays, France has gymnastics.

I have help three days a week with Fair from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and I do my best to get as much work done during that time. Being a mother is my first priority, and I’m learning to juggle it all, but I’m thankful for my support system. We have my parents who live 10 minutes up the road, and a nanny who is just like family to us.

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In your opinion, what is the most practical item a home can have?

A sofa! It’s where a lot of J’s and my intimate conversations happen, and where the girls like to snuggle. We read to the kids, have wine together once they are sound asleep (sigh). Plus, it’s typically the biggest piece of furniture in most family rooms. Having a comfy one that’s also visually appealing is a bonus. The leather one we have feels so soft and buttery.

Does your home have a signature scent? A must-have candle you’re always burning or a favorite type of flower you like to keep fresh in the house?

I’ve recently started diffusing oils through the house and I always have Peace going in the kitchen. Our house always has flowers! It’s a must for me. I feel like fresh-cut flowers make a house a home. Florali is this small mom-and-pop flower shop that I’m obsessed with. I bought a pretty vintage vase from there, and it’s the first item you see when you walk into our house.

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Being a mother is my first priority, and I’m learning to juggle it all, but I’m thankful for my support system.

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What is your favorite at-home activity to do together as a family?

Dance parrrrrty! We always have music playing in our house, and it’s something I do with the girls daily. It gets energy out, and it’s cool that Jason now initiates them, too. Even if I’m having a bad day, he turns the music up and gets all of us dancing in the kitchen. Fair or France can be in the middle of a fake cry, and then they start to laugh! Typically, it’s Michael Jackson (France’s current favorite).

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France Fox and Fair James are beautiful names! How did you decide on something so unique for your daughters?

My dad actually named both of our girls, and my husband and I gave them their middle name. France’s birth name is Francesca and I nicknamed her, ‘France.’ ‘Fair’ is short for Fernanda, which is my middle name. In Spanish, the nickname for Fernanda is ‘Fer,’ so that sounds like Fair in English to me. James is a name we have always loved. It has a great meaning behind it, and we thought it flowed nicely with Fernanda.

What led you to naming your brand, James Fox Co., after them?

I named my company after them because they are the ones that truly birthed JFCo. It was out of my own personal experience at the hospital that gave me the vision and desire to launch this dream. My girls are the mothers behind this very company.

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Tell us everything we need to know about James Fox Co. in five bullet points!

  • Functionality
  • Comfort
  • Self-love
  • Beauty
  • Femininity

What do you see for the future of your company? Do you plan to expand to other products?

I see it as a staple for expectant mothers all over the world—that they would see it more as a need than a want. During the time of prepping and planning, we seem to focus on everything baby, but we forget about ourselves. James Fox Co. is here for all the mothers out there, ready to give their babies their all.

What’s one thing you hope everyone takes away from being inside your home?

Happiness. That our friends and family would always feel what we truly have inside our home. I love a decorated, clean and comfy home, but if the people inside are not happy, you can never truly enjoy it. It’s what’s really “inside” that counts. I’ve been blessed with two girls that make me crazy/happy, and a man that chooses to love me daily.

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Author: Carrie Waller

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