How To Style Your Office Shelves

How To Style Your Office Shelves

Prep your office for its next close up (even if just for a quick Instagram #shelfie) with these stylish organization tips from Staci Edwards!

As the owner of a busy sewing and upholstery studio, I need my office shelving to be functional to help my team and I run the day-to-day business effectively. But as a designer, I also need those shelves to look beautiful. That’s right, boss ladies! With the right styling tricks, the shelves in your office can be both professional and pretty. Below, I’m sharing five easy steps to help you create perfectly styled office shelves that are both hardworking and good-looking.

How To Style Your Office Shelves

1. Hide the ugly:

Let’s face it—in offices we need a lot of things that are not so pretty to look at. So, I like to hide as much of that as I can. Use large baskets to stow away bulky items, like printer paper, instruction manuals, power cords and camera equipment. Tuck smaller items—like paper clips and staples—into little decorative boxes, which will also work well as layering pieces when styling.

2. Keep it neat:

If you try to hide everything that isn’t pretty in an office, it becomes less functional and can slow you down. That being said, you can easily keep all the things you need to access often looking tidy and stylish. For paperwork, mail and client fabric samples, I like to use hanging file folders and stackable letter trays. They help me stay organized and look better than piles of stuff hanging around. Binders can look great, too, if they are all the same size, color and are grouped together with simple labels.

How To Style Your Office Shelves

How To Style Your Office Shelves

3. Style books and magazines:

Books and magazines are wonderful to style with, and my team and I like to flip through them for inspiration during our lunch breaks (yes, we step away from technology once in a while!). Try placing magazines in a basket for a change. This will also help add warmth and texture to your shelving. Use small groupings of books and scatter them around for visual interest. Always try to evenly distribute pops of color from the books to create a sense of balance.

How To Style Your Office Shelves

4. Add some life:

Plants and flowers are a must when styling shelves. They add wonderful texture and hints of color. Another bonus is that they are scientifically proven to boost people’s productivity, creativity and focus in the workplace (hooray!). Remember to keep placement in mind so that the color and texture look balanced throughout the shelves.

5. Show your personality:

Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean your shelves need to be boring. Use accessories and artwork to let your personality shine through. Stick with items that work with your overall color palette and have similar texture finishes. This will make your office shelves look like they were thoughtfully curated and not just thrown together. Adding some shapely elements (think: bowls, vases and candles) will help soften the harder lines of the shelves, storage, magazines and books. Oh, and don’t be afraid to place artwork behind other elements—this helps create a more layered look.

How To Style Your Office Shelves

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Author: Carrie Waller

Carrie is the writer, stylist and photographer behind Dream Green DIY, and also is the features editor for Glitter Guide. Follow along on Instagram!

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