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Kristy & Her Home

Sydney, Australia-based business owner, Kristy Withers, has an eye for design that spans from her successful furniture business to her own family home. As owner and founder of Incy Interiors, Kristy has set the bar for quality designer furniture in her industry. Today, we are lucky enough to peek in on her “mid-century/art deco”-inspired Sydney apartment where she currently resides as she waits on the completion of her family’s “forever home” in the country.

Kristy’s design adventure began six years ago as a personal challenge to find a quality, well-designed bed for her son, Oscar. The transition from crib to ‘big boy’ bed left Kristy helpless in the pursuit of quality designer furniture, and so Incy was born! Incy Interiors is now an international furniture resource helping people just like Kristy fit their exact design needs. We couldn’t be happier that Kristy’s influence has traveled halfway around the world and that we can now experience it for ourselves here in the U.S.!

Drawing inspiration from iconic places such as The Hamptons in New York and Palm Beach, Florida, Kristy tends to start her professional and personal designs off simply, building from the ground up. With the addition of small personal touches such as family photos, trinkets and her kid’s favorite toys, she has effectively transformed her house into a home. Read on to find out how this Australian design mogul has managed to decorate her family’s spaces in the midst of her business’s tremendous growth.


Describe the aesthetic of your Sydney apartment. How does the style differ from your family home in the country?

The Sydney apartment is very mid-century/art deco in design with lots of brushed gold and geometric prints. The Sydney apartment is completely different from my country home, which is more of a Hamptons-meets-Ralph-Lauren style.

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What color palettes and textures are you drawn to?

Right now, I am loving blush, peach and brushed gold. I recently spent a weekend in Palm Springs and my love of mid-century is now a full-blown obsession!

white floor lamp

I harped on and on at anyone who would listen about my quest for [the perfect] bed. Finally, my husband said to me one day, “For God’s sake, stop talking about it and you just do it.” This was the push I needed. From there, Incy was born.

marble coffee table

copper planter

Your country home is currently being renovated. What changes are you most excited about?

We are actually in the middle of building our forever home. We have 100 acres in country NSW. We have completed the guest house, which we are living in while we finish the bigger house. My husband is a carpenter by trade so we both have a keen interest in the design. That makes for very spirited discussions and has resulted in a very long building process.


art deco moulding

What makes your house a home?

It’s the small things that make a house a home. It’s the photographs, little trinkets or favorite toys that make a house personal.

pink abstract art

TV shelf

How have your children influenced the design of your Sydney apartment? How do you work to showcase their own individual styles in the home?

As we are living in our guest house, the kids are sharing a room, so the Sydney apartment allows them to have their own rooms that showcase their own specific interests. Polly is a complete girly girl who loves all things pretty and pink. Her room is very pretty, while Oscar is obsessed with LEGOs, Star Wars and Rugby, so I wanted to ensure we reflected that in his room.

blue boys' bedding

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Tell us the story behind Incy Interiors.

The Incy story began when my son (now 8) was two years old and was ready to move into a ‘big boy’ bed. At the time, I was working at eBay Australia managing the marketing team and I was traveling regularly to the U.S./Europe, seeing all the amazing products available there. I had an image in my mind of a dark brown iron bed. I searched high and low for it. I tried to get one made, I tried to buy old ones off eBay but they had lead paint, so I tried to import one but I just kept coming up with barriers.

I harped on and on at anyone who would listen about my quest for this bed. Finally, my husband said to me one day, “For God’s sake, stop talking about it and you just do it.” This was the push I needed. From there, Incy was born.

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How did your experience working at eBay Australia help you make the transition to entrepreneur and business owner?

My experience at eBay was invaluable for ensuring Incy was set up correctly. I was lucky enough to be ahead of the curve with online and social media due to having experienced it at eBay. This gave us a real boost over our competitors. Something that frustrated me while at eBay was the fact that I needed to put together a proposal before spending a cent. This makes you really think before spending. This skill has been so important in ensuring we have been successful.

Kristy’s business advice: “If you have run your numbers and you can make it work financially, just go for it. Once you start you have to keep going!”


pink and gold throw pillows

Incy Interiors products recently became available in the U.S.—congratulations! How have you navigated the international expansion of your brand?

Thank you! We are so excited to have our products now available in the U.S. It is so cool that, after admiring the U.S. style for so long, we now have our product available there.

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Take us through your design and production process. What do you find most rewarding?

The design process usually starts six to nine months out from launch. The entire team starts thinking about what products we should be launching and then we start collecting inspiration. We all sit down together and share our thoughts. From there, we develop ideas further, add to ideas and leave the meeting with a rough idea of the direction we should head.

I then start talking to the manufacturer about the design aspects, materials, etc. It is then a to-and-fro process between ourselves and the manufacturer, which generally involves a couple of rounds of sampling before we are happy with the finished product. The most rewarding aspect of the design process is seeing the finished product.

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How do you define success as an entrepreneur?

Personally, I continually set goals for myself and the team. Once we tick off a goal, we make sure it is celebrated and then we set another goal. I am a huge believer in having a purpose or a goal to strive toward. I always try to ensure I have a personal and a business goal. My current goals are to establish ourselves in the U.S. market while holidaying more with my family.

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Where do you see yourself and Incy Interiors in five years?

In five years time, I see myself finally moved into our forever home with my family, happy and healthy. Incy will be well-established in our current eight markets and we will be continuing our deliberate expansion into other markets.

What’s your number-one piece of advice for moms looking to start their own business?

If you have run your numbers and you can make it work financially, just go for it. Once you start you have to keep going!

two-tne floor pot

black nightstand

It’s the small things that make a house a home. It’s the photographs, little trinkets or favorite toys that make a house personal.

black leather butterfly chair

You have one hour to yourself. How do you spend it?

I would spend it on a beach or beside a pool with a glass of wine and a good book.

Finish this sentence: “Three must-see places to visit in Sydney are __________.”

Number one has to be Sydney Harbour. It is magical and you can see two of our major landmarks from one spot: The Harbour Bridge and The Opera House. A visit to one of our amazing beaches is also a must. Bondi is the most well-known, but I prefer some of the smaller beaches, like Balmoral or Chinamans Beach. Of course, a trip to our Chatswood Chase store should be on everyone’s bucket list!

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What are you most excited about doing with your family this fall?

We have a very exciting vacation planned. We are going with a family of close friends to Los Angeles for a few days and then onto Whistler, BC, Canada skiing for a week, followed by a week of sun in Waikiki, Hawaii. I am literally counting down the sleeps!


Bed // Side table // Linen duvet // ‘Mountains’ print // Society of Wanderers throw // Chairs (available to U.S. in leather) // Hide rug // Spare room bed // Spare bedroom rug // Cushions // Butterfly chair // Four-poster bed // Main bedroom linens // Main bedroom side table // Main bedroom rug // Polly’s bed // Cushions in Polly’s room // Polly’s linen bedding // White stool // Decorative cushion


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Author: Carrie Waller

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