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When it comes to holiday gift giving, there is undoubtably at least one person on your list who stumps you. It’s not necessarily that they’re difficult or even picky, but perhaps they already seem to have everything that they could ever want, or they didn’t ask for anything in particular. Worse still, you may not be able to nail down their particular signature style and taste, making that leap of gift-giving faith extra risky.

That’s why we always have our no-fail gift list handy, which is filled with goodies guaranteed to suit anyone and everyone on our lists. When in doubt, we like to go for something classic and timeless—something that is versatile, with long-lasting quality and that perhaps even feels a little luxe.


The first item on our no-fail gift list is a pair of chic sunglasses. Our go-to brand? Ray-Ban! They always have sunglasses that suit every person’s style, taste and face shape. As an iconic industry leader, worn by some of our favorite stars (like Audrey Hepburn!), Ray-Ban truly maintains a sense of classicism and timelessness that manages to bridge the gap into modern and on-trend.

This year, not only do they have a comprehensive gift guide that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, but you can also create your own sunglasses and customize and personalize your specs right down to the style, color, lenses and engraving—a touch that, in our opinion, makes this gift even more special. Additionally, when you shop online, you can purchase items from @Collection, which features exclusive, special edition styles with ultra-unique details.

Personally, we think you can’t go wrong with the Aviator or Wayfarer styles, and if you are gifting someone who may be a bit clumsy and likely to break things (we’re not pointing fingers!), the Wayfarer foldable sunglasses are perfect.

If you’re shopping for someone a little more into the trends or who perhaps already owns a pair or two of Ray-Bans, we love the new Octagonal and Hexagonal flat lenses (each an updated take on the iconic round shape) or the recently-released Clubround.

We can’t forget to mention that not only does Ray-Ban do free overnight shipping, but they do free returns as well, which is super convenient especially near the holidays.


Next on our list is a chic and cozy cashmere hat. Obviously a practical choice for the winter months, a soft cashmere hat is a luxe update to your average cotton or wool beanie. Choose a style that’s fairly simple and we suggest picking out a neutral color such as black, gray, cream or camel so that it goes with almost everything and will get tons of wear!

On a similar note, a pretty scarf and a pair of leather gloves is another gift-able pairing that we adore. Again, we’d stick to neutral colors, but depending on the recipient we might pick a neutral pattern—such as a classic stripe or plaid—for the scarf. Bonus points if the scarf is cashmere but we think as long as it’s soft and cozy, the gift will be a hit.

The last gift on our no-fail list is a classic watch. With clocks on our cell phones, computers and other tech gadgets, the need for watches seems to have been relegated to the back burner. However, we like to think that a watch is more than just a way to tell time—it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry and an accessory that goes with any outfit. We’d pick a watch to gift that is silver, gold or that sports a simple black leather strap. Depending on the recipient, we’d buy a watch that is either a chunkier boyfriend style—or more often than not—something simpler and more delicate.

What sorts of pieces, silhouettes and no-fail goodies do you keep on your own no-fail gift list? And if you’re a tried and true fan of Ray-Ban, tell us what your favorite style is below!

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Author: Abby Vancisin

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