6 Vegan Holiday Cookies That Are Oh-So Delicious


Vegan readers, listen up! Our contributor, Arin Kleinman, is here to share six holiday cookie recipes that suit your diet and your need for a guilty pleasure.

The holidays are all about indulging, and we’re here to spread some cheer! Choosing a vegan diet doesn’t have to feel restrictive or isolating—there are still plenty of amazing recipes. In fact, these types of alterations will curb bloating and those holiday sugar highs we can’t seem to get enough of!

We’ve searched high and low for simple, yet delicious, vegan cookie recipes (that your non-vegan friends won’t even be able to notice), and you’ll find six of our top picks below.

  1. Cookie Dough Bites: These delicious bites are made with just five ingredients—told you we wanted to make your life easy! I’m going to let the title do the describing, because…cookie dough!
  2. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies: We just had to include a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe in our roundup. Does it get any better? Love & Lemons uses coconut oil instead of butter, and it’s a great egg substitute! Did we mentioned that these babies are ready in 10 minutes. Yes, please!
  3. No-Bake Espresso Cookies: Simply add espresso powder and peanut butter for the ultimate, decadent taste. Plus, this is another one that takes under 10 minutes!
  4. Vegan Almond Shortbread Cookies: These take me back to my childhood! Simple, yet delicious, the almond extract is just perfection. I can’t wait to take these to the office. Plus, they are perfect for gifting!
  5. Chocolate Sandwich Cookies: A gluten-free, vegan spin on an irresistible classic. These homemade Oreo-inspired cookies will have your heart soaring to dessert heaven. Seriously, I can’t get enough.
  6. Vegan Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies: A generous scoop of creamy marshmallow between sweet-and-salty peanut butter cookies? Is this real life? Yummy!
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