How To Achieve Big Impact In A Small Space

tufted ottoman

Kick the new year off at home with these small-space styling tricks from designer, Jana Bek! Her five pro tips below will have your pint-sized home feeling expansive in practically no time at all.

Small spaces should never be underestimated. With a bit of thoughtful planning and attention to detail, a petite place can pack a punch that will make square footage an afterthought. As long as you take care in designing your tiny rooms, the result will be a beautifully curated home in which every piece can easily transition to a larger abode (or your next small footprint space!).

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gold side table

brass sconce

1. Soft Colors Rule.

I recommend sticking with light tones to keep a space feeling open and airy. Choose lighter colors for walls and foundation furniture and reserve dark and vibrant colors for artwork, accents and decorative pillows and throws.

painted table lamp

blue throw blanket

2. Visual Weight Is Key.

Avoid making a space look smaller by choosing items with lighter visual weight. Think lucite, glass and pieces more slim in depth. Using a low profile boxspring will make your bedroom appear larger. Opt for hanging shelves rather than using a bulky bookcase, which could easily overwhelm the room.

pottery collection

As long as you take care in designing your tiny rooms, the result will be a beautifully curated home in which every piece can easily transition to a larger abode.

floral pillow

3. Hang Statement Drapes.

For a room of any size, window treatments instantly add warmth and the look of a composed design. In small spaces, drapes are my go-to as they’ll draw the eye up and make the space look grand. Drapes are also the perfect vehicle to introduce color and pattern (just enough to add interest) without overwhelming the room.

bamboo chairs

gourd table lamp

4. Mirrors Matter.

Mirrors for small spaces are a must! They’ll reflect natural light to make the room look larger. Position them facing windows to maximize the effect, and don’t be afraid to layer more than one into a room.

floral upholstered dining chair

teal sideboard

5. Kill The Clutter.

An abundance of tchotchkes makes a space feel busy and claustrophobic. Avoid overwhelming a small space by limiting décor to thoughtful flourishes, and add interest with statement artwork and well-placed plants.

black and white kitchen

beach print


Dining Room Art // Ginger Jar // Dining Table // Dining Chairs // Dining Chair Fabric // Fuchsia Ombre Lamp // Ottoman, custom-made by New Day Woodwork in Aqua Shagreen fabric // Sofa // Beach Print // Drapes and Daybed, custom-made in Blush Brushstroke fabric // Mirror // Lamp // Headboard, custom-made in Aqua Shagreen fabric // Sconces // Floral Pillow // Green Pillow // Blush Pink Brushstroke Pillow // Drapes, custom-made in Aqua Brushstroke fabric // Palm Tree Art // Paint in all rooms: Benjamin Moore “Revere Pewter”

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Author: Carrie Waller

Carrie is the writer, stylist and photographer behind Dream Green DIY, and also is the features editor for Glitter Guide. Follow along on Instagram!