Caitlin Kruse’s January Favorites

gray romper

With snowstorms and freezing temperatures dominating our weather apps, it’s time to officially accept the fact that winter is here! While stuck inside away from the cold, our editorial director has had a chance to get sufficiently lost in wish list daydreaming. Below, see what Caitlin’s loving this January.

  1. RMS Beauty, The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipe ($16): I’ve recently added these wipes to my nighttime beauty routine, and they make makeup removal a cinch. Try them out for yourself!
  2. Matine, Tilly Scalloped Leather Baguette ($130): This sophisticated clutch is a great alternative when I don’t feel like lugging around a large tote.
  3. Anthropologie, Amanecer Drops ($88): Statement earrings seem to be the latest trend in jewelry this season. I’d love to test the look out for myself with these cool drop earrings.
  4. Farrow, Henri Blazer in Navy ($96): I love this take on pajama dressing with a luxe satin blazer.
  5. Hazel Village, Stormy Gray Romper For Babies ($52): How sweet is this gender-neutral romper?
  6. Amanda Norman, “Ladies Who Lunch” ($295): This is a beautiful floral print to help me get through winter and into spring.
  7. Forever 21, Faux Suede Slides ($17.90): These are perfect for the transition from winter to spring.
  8. Rough Linen: ($830): I’m determined to make our bedroom a relaxing, peaceful and happy place to be this month. For the past year, it’s just been a mess of odds and ends and always feels like it’s in cluttered disarray. I’ve wanted linen bedding for a long time and I think I’m finally going to splurge!
  9. Danielle Oakey Shop, 20″ Hmong Indigo Pillow Cover ($65): I have a set of these pillows from Danielle Oakey that I’m hoping to incorporate into our bedroom design.
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Author: Caitlin Kruse

  • So absolutely in love with this post! As a Hmong-American, there are so few people who ever hear about our tribe of people and our love of embroidery and design. I see so much of my culture’s influence in today’s modern decor and the colorful embroidery and patched designs being replicated without giving proper credit to where these intricate sewn designs originate. Just seeing you post “Hmong pillows” instead of “Pillows” means so much to me!

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