10 Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas To Try


Decadent desserts seem to get most of the attention on Valentine’s Day, but why not begin the holiday by giving a little love to breakfast? Let’s kick things off on Feb. 14 with a beautiful, delicious and festive breakfast. Think: Lavender Rose Baked Vegan Donuts, Red Velvet Beet Pancakes or a Pink Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie, just to name a few of the treats that our contributor, Kara Stout, has included in her list for you today. Below, you’ll see that some are healthy breakfast options while others are more of the “treat yourself” variety. There are so many fun ideas to choose from—which will you test out first?


Mini Cinnamon Roll Pops for Valentine’s Day

These Mini Cinnamon Roll Pops for Valentine’s Day are the cutest! Plus, they are super simple to make and take practically no time at all. Who wouldn’t want mini cinnamon rolls with pastel sprinkles on a stick?   

Find the full recipe on The Decorated Cookie.


Strawberries & Cream Doughnuts

Strawberries & Cream Doughnuts in the shape of hearts? Yes, please. Serve these to your Valentine on a tray with an extra-large cup of coffee for maximum love points.

Find the full recipe on Thirty Handmade Days.


Heart-Shaped Egg Breakfast

Creative toasts are all the rage right now, and this Heart-Shaped Egg Breakfast is perfectly on point. It packs tons of protein, and an extra health boost thanks to fresh produce like tomatoes and arugula.  

Find the full recipe on Our Mini Family.


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DIY Pink & Red Cheerios

These DIY Pink & Red Cheerios are almost too cute for words. Luckily, they are easy to recreate and can be customized to just about any holiday—green for St. Patrick’s Day, anyone?

Find the full recipe on Proper.


These Roasted Heart Potatoes

These Roasted Heart Potatoes are the perfect Valentine’s breakfast side dish. The extra effort shows just how much you really care!

Find the full recipe on Haniela’s.


Valentines Day Overnight Oats + Raspberry Chia Jam

Valentines Day Overnight Oats + Raspberry Chia Jam for the healthy win! These are quick, full of fiber and healthy fats, and are made with a natural sweetener, too.  

Find the full recipe on Born to Sweat.


Red Velvet Beet Pancakes

This list wouldn’t be complete without red velvet pancakes! Bonus: these Red Velvet Beet Pancakes are vegan, gluten-free and also free of artificial coloring. The beet puree is what gives them that beautiful pink and red color.  

Find the full recipe on Emilie Eats.


Lavender Rose Baked Vegan Donuts

Lavender Rose Baked Vegan Donuts…please be mine! These are not only gorgeous, but are also much healthier than your average donut. Not to mention, the easy-to-follow directions make them a no-brainer!

Find the full recipe on Healthy Slow Cooking.


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Gluten-Free Biscuit + Jam Valentine Cookies

Cookies for breakfast! I created these heart-shaped Gluten-Free Biscuit + Jam Valentine Cookies to encourage just that…eating cookies for breakfast. They are gluten- and dairy-free, plus they provide healthy fats, antioxidants, fiber and protein.

Find the full recipe on Nutrition By Kara.


Pink Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie

This beautiful Pink Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie will give you a delicious and healthy start to your Valentine’s Day! It’s dairy-free and a great way to get in those essential vitamins and antioxidants. The berries and root vegetables give it that gorgeous pink color.  

Find the full recipe on Café Johnsonia.

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Author: Kara Stout

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