2017 Must-Try Health And Wellness Trends

2017 Must-Try Health & Wellness Trends

Certified nutritionist and wellness coach, Kara Stout, is back to offer her suggestions for moving full-steam ahead into 2017 with health and wellness as a priority. Her 10 trends to try are below!

Healthy living continues to be on the upswing and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Thank goodness, because it’s incredibly beneficial to our health, energy, vitality, balance and ultimately, we just feel better and happier when we prioritize our wellness.

In addition to making overall healthy choices each day that nourish us, such as eating more organic vegetables, drinking plenty of water, exercising, and eating more fresh, whole foods, it’s really fun to try new and creative health trends to enhance this self-care focused lifestyle.

10 Health & Wellness Trends to try in 2017:

  1. Plant-Based Protein — This isn’t new, but its popularity continues to grow. More people are getting creative with plant-based protein in meals and reducing their meat intake. If you’re wondering what some examples of plant-based protein are, here are some easy ones to add in: hemp seeds, chia seeds, quinoa, raw nuts, nut butters, lentils, chickpeas and avocado (yes, if you didn’t realize avocados also provide protein, they do! About 7 grams of protein).
  2. More Veggies Please — You’re probably familiar with zoodles, but have you tried spiralizing carrots, apples, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, squash or cabbage? Also, cauliflower rice and spaghetti squash are amazing and fun ways to use vegetables in your cooking. This year, it’s all about getting creative with vegetables dominating the dish.
  3. Medicinal Mushrooms — These are not the same as the typical culinary mushrooms you might think of.  Medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, cordyceps, and maitake are right on trend. The benefits of these mighty mushrooms are many, including boosting our immune systems, anti-aging, cancer-fighting, increasing energy and longevity. You can incorporate these easily by adding mushroom powders to your smoothies or soups, or making mushroom teas or tonics. You can also purchase mushroom coffee or mushroom hot chocolate. Experiment and see what you think!
  4. Golden Milk Latte Love — Also known as turmeric lattes, these are the new matcha lattes! Don’t get me wrong, those beautiful green matcha lattes are still as popular as ever, but these gold-colored lattes are the up-and-coming warming drink to sip on. They are anti-inflammatory and amazing for our skin. Here are 10 turmeric recipes we recently shared, including a Ginger & Turmeric Latte.
  5. More Reading, Less TV — Many people are setting intentions this year around carving out more time for reading.  A good book can be wonderful for continued learning, leisure, inspiration and encouragement. You can check out our recent book list here.
  6. Wellness Retreats — These retreats are focused on decreasing stress, focusing on self-care and nourishment, and recharging. I’m actually so excited to be planning my own nutrition and wellness retreat for ladies this spring!
  7. Natural Beauty — On trend is cleaner, non-toxic makeup brands that don’t contain harsh chemicals and that are ideal for our health and skin. Goop shared more information on clean beauty and included some of its favorite beauty products by brands such as Beautycounter, Juice Beauty, ILIA and Vapour Organic Beauty. The makeup trend also seems to be less is more and more natural. And No-Makeup Mondays are still trending!
  8. Minimalism — People seem to be gravitating toward simplicity. Life has become so hectic, so busy, so cluttered, that people are yearning for a more minimalistic home, schedule and life.
  9. Phone-Free Bedrooms — The bedroom should be a calming, peaceful place. Often when we are on our phones first thing in the morning and right before bed, it can put us in a negative state. Maybe we begin to compare, maybe we feel like we’re not enough or maybe it takes away from time we could spend being more productive like reading or journaling or just simply resting. It’s important to set healthy boundaries around our phones and technology in general.
  10. Kindness — This world is experiencing some heartbreaking and divisive times. However, a strong desire for unity, kindness and serving others has been a result of these difficult circumstances. It’s a beautiful movement that I pray continues and only strengthens. Kindness deeply affects everyone’s health and wellness, which is why it’s included on this list.
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Author: Kara Stout

  • Could you update us on how your wellness retreat turns out? Or provide a how-to guide on how to create one? That sounds awesome! I’m also going to try 2,3,4 & 9.

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