5 Things Successful People Do When They Wake Up

rise-and-shine-saved-for-webIf you’re like Jordan Jones, the founder of one of our favorite brands, Packed Party, being your own boss means there’s no sleeping on the job! But whether you own your own business or are just looking to get that next big promotion at work, there’s a few keys steps that successful people take to start their day. Today, Jordan is sharing her great advice with us!

In the last three years since starting Packed Party, I’ve had several people ask me about my morning routine. The truth is, since starting my company, it’s never really changed. I think having a set routine when you wake up is vital to setting yourself up for a productive day. Here’s my recipe to get up, get going and make your day a party even when you can’t seem to find the fun in anything before 8 a.m.

  1. Make Your Bed: I’m not kidding. Make it! Even if your significant other leaves the house after you, simply try and make your side. It’s great to get yourself in a routine of waking up and completing such a simple task to start the day. Everyone feels better after making their bed (yes, all the throw pillows should leave the floor and join the fun up there, too)! I make my bed every single morning and always feel like I walk a little taller heading out the door. It’s weird, but simple, so do it girl. You may not be able to tackle everything in a day, so starting with a small win is straight up good for the soul.
  2. News Flash: News is important. Get it on Snapchat, pick up a newspaper or simply scroll through your favorite news outlet’s site on your phone. Being informed when you wake up is critical. Whether it’s being able to contribute to a conversation in the office or come up with original content for your brand, being in-the-know is important in an ever-changing landscape. Again, you’ll walk a little taller instead of playing catch-up in the office. I always quickly watch the news on my Snapchat while I brush my teeth or catch it waiting for my coffee to brew.
  3. Sssh! It’s “You” Time: Pray, meditate, read or take a walk, but do something quiet, yes, quiet for yourself before the day starts. I am religious about taking my dog for a walk every single morning rain or shine. I never miss that 30-minute time slot I carve out to leave my phone at home and get my thoughts together. Having between 10 and 30 minutes to yourself without any distractions allows you to take a breath and map out your day or anything you need to clear from your head before work starts. At this stage with Packed Party, I don’t get a ton of personal time. Therefore, I really try and focus on anything personal at this time, so when I’m at my desk, my mind isn’t wandering. It takes discipline to do both, but starting your day quiet allows you to take in the chaos in a more productive and relaxed way.
  4. Get Up Early: This is a no-brainer and at times for me very difficult to do, but forcing yourself to get up early and not race out the door is crucial to the whole operation of starting the day on a strong and positive note. I can remember waking up early in my apartment for my very first job a few times and always seeing the light on in this penthouse across the street without fail at 5 a.m. Sure enough (I promise I wasn’t creeping too hard), this person was racing out the door just as my day was starting and I thought to myself, “Welp, that’s why he lives in the penthouse.” If you want to get ahead, you literally have to be ahead of everyone else and that means getting your butt up early. We start work at 8:30 a.m., so I try and give myself at least an hour and a half every morning to go through my routine and feel in a great place to come in and start my day. This means going to bed early too, but that’s a whole other issue!
  5. Dress To Impress: Getting dressed seems so simple, and it is, but really putting effort into yourself for work is important. I’m guilty of wearing top-knots and yoga pants to the office on shoot days, but not every day. Whether you work from home or in an office full of people getting up and getting dressed for the job, you want to wear what puts you ahead of the curve. Imagine your boss has some fun event she can’t attend and looks around the office for someone to go in her place and there you are in your killer confident outfit ready to take the order. Betcha never wear those yoga pants again! Self-care in getting dressed is so essential to your everyday, not just on days you have meetings or are presenting. You’ll be more confident and ready to tackle anything in an outfit you feel professional in, I promise.

coffee-cup-saved-for-webI’m no expert on success, trust me, but these five simple things have genuinely worked for me in feeling like I’m always moving forward each day, which is what we all should be striving for, right? I hope they motivate or encourage you a bit to step out of your comfort zone and try something new so you can be the most successful version of yourself each day.

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Author: Carly Hill

Raised in Northern Michigan, she now lives in NYC and splits her time working in social media, being a GG editor & exploring the city for the next best meal! Follow on Instagram

  • Love #2! I feel like you always feel more ready for your day when you know what’s going on in the world. Great suggestion!

  • I make the bed WHILE my significant other is still in it! :))) I swear I am not OCD – it’s just that I like to do it right after I get up, otherwise I might not get to it later.

  • Loved the thought about the penthouse owner!
    Those 5 steps make miracles in our days, totally agree! :)

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