Week 2: Progress On Our One Room Challenge Bedroom Makeover

Hi, Caitlin here with an update on our master bedroom that we’re renovating for the One Room Challenge! You can read about our plans and check out the rather scary before photos here.

I’m pleased to say we have made some pretty big progress in the last week! We had our carpet removed and beautiful hardwood flooring from Mohawk installed. We hired our contractor for this job and it was all done within one day! We were pretty impressed.

Deciding on a color for the wood has been one of the harder tasks of designing this room so far. Our upstairs hall and living space is already wood and the bedrooms were all carpet. I dislike the color of the existing wood (it’s rather yellow) so I didn’t want to try and match it. However, I also didn’t want to pick a color that was too drastically different. After looking at a ton of samples, we decided to go with the Rockford Maple in Crema Maple in 3.25-inch planks and I’m really happy with the results! I was drawn toward some of the trendier colors and wider-plank sizes (Mohawk has an overwhelming amount of options), but after really thinking about it, I decided I wanted something versatile that would withstand the test of time and not look outdated in 10 years because we are planning to stay in our house for a LONG time! It’s a very durable wood and holds up to stains and scratches well.

We’ve also had a few other items for the room slowly show up on our doorstep—our place has been full of boxes! Our wooden bed from All Modern is even more beautiful in person than I imagined! I love how light and airy the frame is, but it’s still bold and makes such a statement. We also got our cozy rug from Annie Selke—it’s the perfect combination for our bedroom, being both sturdy (to stand up to our toddler and dog), yet soft underfoot. I’m still stumped when it comes to nightstands and am on the hunt for something ivory or white. We have very limited space (because we decided to upgrade to a king-size bed), so it’s been a challenge to find something I like, in the right color that is also narrow!

We also ran into our first hurdle of the bedroom renovation—and a testament to my inexperience in home projects! Our wood floor planks were too thick for our old (funky, outdated) doors to open so we had to replace the entire set. This was an unexpected cost (around $1,000 with labor, truck rental and materials) and loss of about half a day. I really despised our doors, they had funky blinds on them we always kept closed and they were about three different shades of white, so I’m really excited this forced us to replace them. We decided to get a sliding door so we can leave the door open a bit with a screen at night (there’s a lock that allows you to do this)! Our room is so much brighter now!

Next up: Hopefully our closet will be done by Friday and then next is trim, baseboards and crown moulding, paint and built-in shelves!

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

  • Pretty color for the flooring – not too dark nor too light – it has a warmth to it. The rug is gorgeous!

  • Well that new door looks like a real happy accident! And the wood floors are gorgeous!!

  • We’re loving your progress so far! The floors are amazing, and we can’t wait to see your Haiku fan go up.

  • We love the progress you’ve made so far. The floors are amazing, and we can’t wait to see the Haiku go up!

  • Cool carpet and great floor:) but i think you could make that bed look more cozy and glam how about more cushions pillows and maybe som furs. I can recommend two giant long pillows in the back then the normal ons and at front the small ones. I did that myself in my bedroom makeover and the rsult was beyond belif lol:)

    LOVE Maria

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