Easy Spring Entertaining Tips With Camille Styles And Target

If you haven’t heard yet, one of our favorite entertaining gurus, Camille Styles, was just tapped to be the new Entertaining Expert for Target! Last week, we had a chance to celebrate this new partnership and launch of the new spring collection at an amazing luncheon at the Lombardi House in L.A. along with some of our other favorite influencers and publications. As you can imagine, it being a Target event and all, we were pretty obsessed with all the décor and new pieces in the spring line. We obviously wanted to take home everything. For now though, we are sharing the details on the tablescape and how you can get the look at home, as well as an exclusive interview with Camille! She sat down with Abby to give the lowdown on her partnership with Target, some easy tips for entertaining this spring, her go-to cocktail and the one thing she never leaves Target without. Read on to get the scoop.

The Tablescape & How To Get The Look

We loved all the natural textures and pops of color in this perfect spring tablescape that Camille created for the luncheon. Get inspired and recreate this look at home!

Tall Lidded Vase // Earthenware Vase // Earthenware Vase // Earthenware Vase – Green // Earthenware Wood Base Planter
Natural Kitchen Textiles Decorative Charger // Melamine Dinner Plate // Flatware Set Gold // Cream Solid Napkin // Juice Glass 8.1oz Vintage Blue
Cream Stripe Table Runner

Cream Stripe Table Runner // Salt & Pepper Shakers Stoneware Dark Blue

Catching Up With Camille

Congratulations on being the new entertaining expert for Target! We are so excited for you over here at Glitter Guide! What can your readers and Target shoppers expect to see in the coming months?

We are going to show readers at home how to entertain like a pro even if they have no experience. I’m really passionate about showing people how they can entertain in a stylish way without getting stressed out. I started my career in event planning, and I would see so many people that were planning a party, but when the party came around, they were so stressed and just wanted to get it over with. So when I started my blog, my vision was to show people how they can plan a party and invite people into their home and have so much fun doing it. With every Target collection that comes out, there are so many opportunities to present entertaining in a new way for all different kinds of gatherings. We will be working together to come up with some really fun ideas throughout the entire year, for every different season and they’ll all be very ‘tips-driven.’ It’s really important to me to always create content that has so many takeaways—where it’s not just a beautiful table, it’s about applicable tips that readers can walk away with saying ‘I can do this.’

I think you kind of answered this above but, what’s your overall entertaining philosophy?

It’s not about impressing people, it’s about expressing your personal style. That’s one thing I love about the Target products is that they have accessible price points and there’s something for everyone. I feel like anyone can walk into Target and get pieces that are really going to express their personal style and where they can really have fun creating a unique tabletop or a bar setup for their party.

What kind of entertaining/hosting or parties are your favorite?

I live in Austin, so it’s pretty warm most of the year. We love being out by the pool and my husband loves to grill, so I would say our most frequent party is inviting tons of friends over to jump in the pool and enjoy barbecue. I still love to lay a pretty runner on the outdoor table, use some great stoneware plates and infuse the tabletop with those little bits of style but in a really casual, fun way.

So we’re assuming your favorite thing about spring and summer entertaining is just being outside?

It is! When we have those first sunny days, I’m immediately like ‘when can we have our first outdoor dinner party’? That’s basically what I want to do all season long.

What five things do you always have on-hand in case of unexpected guests or visitors?

I always have the makings of a simple cheese plate—a couple of good cheeses in my fridge. I love this cheese called Cambozola. It is a blue cheese, but it’s made like a brie, so it’s super creamy. It tastes like dessert when topped with honey and on toasted baguettes. I like to have some almonds and some good olives. Again it’s really simple things that you can have on-hand, but that instantly make things feel elevated. I mentioned great stoneware plates in a neutral color and I pretty much always use white or light-colored plates when I’m serving because I always like the color of the food to stand out. I love the Threshold plates from the new speckled dinnerware set. I love that it adds a little bit of a handmade look, so it’s more elevated than your basic white plate, but it’s still neutral enough to go with everything. Also, always have rosé. I love having some really pretty serving platters and cutting boards on-hand because again, even if you are serving something really simple, it can be elevated when it’s presented in a pretty way. And then I always have tons of candles. I think there’s no easier way to instantly make it feel like a party than to have lots of candlelight.

Do you have a go-to cocktail? Favorite kind of appetizers?

I would definitely say a margarita. We have a really good simple margarita that’s kind of like our house drink. We enjoy it by the pool—it’s just so good, not too sweet. And then my go-to appetizer would be some kind of crostini. I love being able to get inspired by the seasons. In the summertime, I’ll make a fresh ricotta and peach crostini, and right now I’m making a lot of caprese (fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes). And then in the winter, I’ll make caramelized onions and prosciutto. So it can be a great appetizer for every season and as long as you have a good baguette, you can just clear out your fridge with whatever you happen to have and get creative.

What five things are always on your target shopping list?

I never walk out of Target without some clothing item for one of my kids—probably from Cat & Jack—and a new lipstick. I will definitely walk out with something from home—probably some sort of serving piece like a platter or cutting board—and I use those things so often. Also, I always purchase a candle and then probably some office supplies—like a new set of colorful gel pencils.

As a busy working mom, what’s your favorite way to unwind and decompress?

At the end of a busy day, I love the moment when my husband and I sit on our patio with a glass of wine after the kids have gone to bed and we talk about the day, take a breather and just enjoy doing nothing but spending time with each other. Then I also like to take a Sunday night bath. I don’t think there’s a certain brand in mind, but I always love really nice bath oils and I’ll just pour in a rotating group of them. I also love a good scrub. I light a candle and sometimes read. I shut the door, turn on some music and it just feels so luxurious.

Make sure to check out more of Camille’s spring entertaining tips here.

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