Our Favorites From The New Spring Target Collection

If you aren’t already convinced from yesterday’s post that the new spring collection from Target is kind of amazing, today we’re sharing our absolute favorites and must-haves that we’ll be picking up ASAP. Additionally, we’re chatting with one of our favorite interior designers and Target Home Style Expert, Emily Henderson (you may have heard of her) and Julie Guggemos, Target’s senior vice president of the product design & development team. They’re sharing their favorite pieces from the spring collection, along with some noteworthy design tips and the hands down best item that Target Home sells. Spoiler: it’s probably not what you think….

  1. Rodney Wood Arm Chair ($218.49)
  2. Mactan Woven Pendant ($75.99)
  3. Natural Crystal Geode ($18.99)
  4. Natural Kitchen Textiles Decorative Charger ($4.49)
  5. Outdoor Windsor Metal Stack Loveseat Bench ($79)
  6. Accent Stool ($56.99)
  7. Wicker Tray with Wood Handles ($23.74)
  8. Mushroom Lamp ($47.49)
  9. Ceramic Vase ($16.99)
  10. Equestrian Side Table Brown ($76.49)

Chatting with Emily Henderson

What are your three must-have pieces from the spring collection?

I love this teal vase—it’s on my coffee table and looks good with or without flowers; these lidded jars—I have some with plants in them and I love them; and there are a lot of new rugs that are patterned and really cute!

You recently moved into a new home—any advice on how to change your decorating style when you move to fit the look of your house without having to start from scratch?

I basically brought anything with sentimental meaning or was beautiful and functional and that I felt would be hard to replace—one-of-a-kind pieces. It’s all about mixing basics that are going to be totally timeless with pieces that are a little more trendy and current. I think you should also use the architecture of the space to inspire the style and mix it with your personality—playing around with a color palette and balance.

What one piece of furniture is always worth the splurge? And, what are a few things you suggest people can save on?

I don’t think there is a piece. I always splurge on that piece that’s going to make the most impact in a new room stylistically. There are so many good sofas out right now from big-box retailers that are $1,500. I’d say buy one of those that’s classic and simple and then splurge on a piece of art or an amazing antique rug—or a conversation piece that when people walk in they’re going to be like, ‘This room has so much style.’ I would save on basics. You don’t need to have a really expensive headboard, but you could splurge on a really special bolster pillow. Every room I design has to have something special in it.

For a statement in a room: Wallpaper or tile floors?

I like both, but I think wallpaper definitely transforms a room instantly and makes decorating so much easier. I’m really into murals right now. There are so many companies that are doing repeatable murals that are amazing!

What five things are always on your Target shopping list:

Pillows; lighting; pretty office and desk accessories; side tables; and decorative accessories like vases, planters, tassels.

You always find the best vintage treasures and we love how you mix these unique pieces with products from places like Target, do you have any tips for sourcing? Yard sales, Craigslist, Ebay, etc?

A lot of it is that emotional gut reaction. It’s harder these days because there are so many people shopping and there so many less ‘scores,’ but I guess I’m just constantly looking for the combination of ‘simple but special.’ You can find a lot of weird stuff at flea markets, and back in the day I would just buy anything that’s funky and weird, but then my house started to look like a thrift store—individually, things were cool, but collectively, it looked too thrifted and cluttered. Ask yourself, if the item was $500, would you still want it? When I’m at a flea market, I always look for big things first and then I dig in for the small things (the big things also go faster). I do one round where it’s just like cruising past booths and then the second time around is when I really get in there. And you can kind of tell from every dealer almost immediately if they’re worth your time or not. If you see two or three things that you like in that booth, then you know to go in.

Chatting with Julie Guggemos

We’re such huge fans of Target here at Glitter Guide, and so are our readers! We are always excited to see what Target is coming out with in terms or collections and collaborations. How do you usually determine who you want to partner with in terms of designers and influencers?

We talk to our guests every single day. We ask them questions, and find out what their pain points are. The thing that comes up time and time again is that our guests know their style, but sometimes they need help finding the pieces and pulling it together. The other thing is our guests think entertaining is scary. Therefore, we decided to partner with Emily Henderson and Camille Styles to help teach and inspire our guests.

What’s the design process typically like? How long ago did the Spring 2017 collections begin?

We work about 10 or 11 months out for home items—from shopping the world to consulting with our trends services and figuring out what the most important trends are and which ones we think would appeal to our guests based on what we know. I was in St. Tropez last May with some members from sourcing and marketing and merchandising and we went to a market that had tons of tassel baskets, hand-woven rugs and colorful bracelets. It was so beautiful and we were like, let’s just make it huge for Target. Then once our team signs off on everything and makes sure it fits the brand, our team starts designing to bring the products to life.

What are your favorite pieces from the Spring 2017 collections?

I love the pillows, because they are an affordable way to bring joy to your space and I love the vases—I’m really inspired by them. And then rugs—they are so great. I have a long skinny kitchen and I always update the runner.

What’s your favorite part of the design process?

I’m leaving for Milan tomorrow so selfishly, I’m so lucky to travel. We look for trends, but we also look at how consumers are shifting and different behaviors. In Milan, it’s design week, so we’ll get plenty of inspiration on product, but then we’ll spend two or three days going to exhibits that are sponsored by design schools around the world. It’s really interesting to see what the design students in the world today are thinking about.

What things are always on your Target shopping list?

That’s such a good question! Number one, I always go to the décor area first and then Smith & Hawken because I love gardening. I never need décor or gardening items, but I always find things and then I switch them out in my house. I love the stationary, so I have more stationary than I need. Also, the apparel!

What are you working on now? What’s next for fall?

The most exciting thing is that we are launching a whole new portfolio of brands across home and apparel and other areas in the store. They are going to start to be released in June and then will continue over the next year and a half. But I can’t share anything else except that it’s going to be amazing.

What have been some of the best-sellers/most popular items in recent seasons?

I hope this meets your expectations, but they’re called Threshold Performance Sheets—they get softer with every wash, they are cool to the touch and they don’t pill.

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