The Mother’s Day Gift Box That Gives Back

Mother's Day Gift Box

When it comes to gifting, we can think of no better present than one that gives back to a community in need! With Mother’s Day around the corner, Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery teamed up with Starling Jewelry to create a special line of necklaces, and collaborated with Oh Joy! and Gratitude Collaborative to curate a beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Box where 100 percent of the proceeds go to No Kid Hungry. We’re so excited to share a little bit more about the beautiful box today and take you behind the scenes of the celebratory Mother’s Day lunch at Au Fudge thrown by this powerhouse trio in honor of the launch of the box! The box is currently available for purchase over on Gratitude Collaborative.

Mother's Day Gift Box

Chatting with Jacqui Saldana, Baby Boy Bakery

Tell us about your collaboration with Starling Jewelry. How did that come about and what inspired it?

It’s been a dream of mine to design and create things for mothers where they feel good about themselves, as well as create things that encourage parents to make and capture memories with their children. When Starling approached me to design a capsule collection, I knew right away I wanted to create something to honor motherhood and the incredible journey it is. I wanted to showcase words that I thought emulated motherhood, though I also wanted to get my social community involved. So I took to my Instagram and asked my friends “If you could give motherhood one word, what would it be?” I received thousands of comments in just hours. Together we chose: Complete, Brave and Forever. I absolutely adore the way my necklace design came to life. I love the idea of mothers wearing the words as a subtle reminder of just how amazing they are.

What made you want to decide to team up with Gratitude Collaborative on making this mother’s day box?

I’ve always been a fan of Gratitude Collaborative simply because of the beautiful curated gifts for loved ones for a good cause. I’ve sent a few to my friends in their time of need and the gift boxes have a whimsical way of making you feel special. I wanted to curate a gift box devoted to mothers and have the proceeds benefit No Kid Hungry. This collaboration is everything! As a mother, we don’t just want the best for our kids, we want the best for ALL kids. I love that my gift boxes feed children in need. Along with pampering well-deserving mamas for Mother’s Day!

You curated the entire gift box. Tell us a little bit about what’s in it and why you picked those items?

I chose a few products I honestly can’t live with out (Drybar Dry Shampoo and Gigi Pip Ball Caps). I also included some of my own products like my toddler memory book to encourage mamas to capture life with their children. I, of course, included a necklace from my Starling collection. My hope is that these gift boxes offer fun products for every aspect of ‘Mom Life’.

100 percent of the proceeds go to No Kid Hungry, which is amazing. What made you decide on that organization?

As I mentioned before, as a mother, I don’t just want the best for my children. I want the best for ALL children. So when collaborating and creating products, I always make it a point to give back to children-based charities.

Tell us about collaborating with Joy on the box’s design. What was that process like?

Well, Joy is a dream. She is a friend of mine, but also a role model for me. She has the mom-work-life balance down pat and I aspire to be like that with just as much grace and integrity as she has. We’ve been wanting to do something together, and as she has an impeccable eye for stylish design, her brilliance featured on the box was perfect. I love the funky pattern and muted blush tones with bright pops of pink. Joy’s design really makes my gift box come to life.

What’s your favorite part about motherhood?

My favorite part about motherhood is getting to experience life through my children’s eyes. Their innocence and zest for life makes me excited. Since becoming a mom, my life has taken on a more vibrant color, which I’m so grateful for.

What’s the hardest part of motherhood?

The hardest part of motherhood for me is the simple fact of not being able to control anything. Whatever happens will, and as a mom, you just have to take it and truly overcome any difficulties. Your children are counting on you to be magnificent. Bracing yourself for anything and making it have a beautiful outcome is our job. It’s the hardest part for me, but it’s worth it and a job I take very seriously.

How do you treat yourself and get some me-time in?

To be frank, I love a good girls’ night out that involves a few (too many) glasses of wine. I love to be silly and laugh. Of course, I love to pamper myself, but I’ve found when I’m able to let loose for a night with my gals is best. Though, when all else fails, I keep a stash of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the freezer and eat those while watching “Friends” reruns.

What would be your ideal way to spend mother’s day?

My ideal Mother’s Day would be to enjoy a big breakfast with my family. A little me-time, like getting nails done or a massage. Some playtime with Mila and Dan at the park. Then Chinese take-out for dinner after Mila goes to bed.

BBB Mother’s Day Gift Box Designed By Oh Joy!: Au Fudge Chocolate Peanut Butter // Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment to reveal a glowing, fresh, smooth complexion // Gigi Pip Classic Lady’s Ball Cap // Drybar Detox Whipped Dry Shampoo // Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist // Baby Boy Bakery Little Years Journal // Add On: Starling Jewelry The Limited Mother’s Day necklace designed by Jacqui Saldana of Baby Boy Bakery.

Tablescape by Twink + Sis // Hand-painted pieces by Marnika Weiss // Flowers by Clementine Floral Works

Chatting with Joy Cho, Oh Joy!

The box you designed for the mother’s day box is absolutely beautiful! What inspired the design?

I wanted to create a simple, yet playful, pattern that hints at the everyday joys of motherhood.

What’s your favorite product in the mother’s day box?

It’s full of so many wonderful things, but I particularly love the journal by Jacqui because it engages you to think about everyday moments that you’ll want to remember and look back on.

What’s your favorite part about motherhood?

My favorite thing is also sometimes scary—that these tiny, young people are learning everything they know from me (and my husband). It gives us an opportunity to think about the world through their eyes and teach them how we think they’d best learn. Getting to see ideas connect in their heads and see them grow every day is the best.

What’s the hardest part of motherhood?

Trying to do it all. I have come to the realization that it is not possible and it’s OK, so you learn to ask for help and to set your priorities according to what’s most important.

How do you treat yourself and get some me-time in?

Anybody that knows me knows that my ice-cream time is sacred and non-negotiable. I keep several pints in the freezer and ready to go for the end of a long day where I just need a little ‘treat yo self’ moment. I am also an advocate of massage and try to get one every three to four weeks. Sitting at a computer all day and the stress of running a business builds serious knots, so I try to be deliberate about getting those worked out and making myself relax. And finally, last summer I decided I needed to do something for myself, so I started taking singing lessons. I haven’t taken as many as I would like, but it’s something I have always wanted to be better at, and I am doing it for myself!

What would be your ideal way to spend mother’s day?

Surrounded by my girls and my husband and doing some of our favorite things in LA, like going to the farmers’ market and getting dim sum!

Chatting with Dana Ashmore, Gratitude Collaborative

We are always so inspired by your beautiful gift boxes. What makes this one so special?

Honestly, this one means the world to me because of the amazing women involved. I have admired Joy and Jacqui for a long time, how they are as businesswomen, as mothers and as friends. When you get to work with people that work hard, and are humble and kind, it just makes it more special, and that we all came together to make a gift that makes moms feel great and 100 percent of the profits give back.

What’s your favorite part about collaborating with people like Jacqui and Joy?

Oh man, we are a small fish compared to them, so having them work with us, I actually teared up when this all worked out. I am so grateful. These two women are people that are really doing wonderful things, and it has been such an easy and fun collaboration. I have so much to learn from both of them.

You are about to be a new mom soon, which is amazing! What are you most excited about?

To meet this little wiggle worm. I can’t wait! I’m terrified to give birth, but so excited to meet him. I’m exited to watch him move, so I can understand what in the world he is doing inside me. I can’t wait for my dad to meet him, and my mom to meet her first grandchild. My husband’s twin brother just had a daughter, and I can’t wait for them to meet, and see how much he’s loved. I am so excited for so many memories to come.

What’s been your favorite thing about pregnancy?

Honestly, the way my husband looks at me. He thinks I’m stunning pregnant. I don’t get it! I feel like I’m starting to look like a marshmallow, but he loves it. It feels like he fell in love with me all over again.

What’s been the hardest thing about pregnancy?

I feel like I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy, compared to some of my friends. But I think every trimester comes with its unique hurdles and joys. At this point, I would love my brain back—I can’t type an email to save my life, or remember what I did yesterday. And I would like to fit my feet into shoes again—the swelling is out of control.

What would your ideal way to spend mother’s day entail?

I would say being with my family. My husband and I spend a lot of time apart, so I think any time you can be with your family is the best.

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