My Clean Beauty Swaps

About two weeks ago, I decided to try to revamp my beauty closet and try using all natural products. For a while (especially while pregnant), I was pretty good about incorporating as many natural and organic products as I could, but being an editor at Glitter Guide, I’m trying products left and right and the truth is, products with chemicals do tend to just work better and quicker. But lately, I’ve been having some weird skin issues, which inspired this change in routine and be more intentional about what goes on my body. It’s taken some trial-and-error and mention money (I’ve learned that natural products that work well come with a price). I’ve been using the EWG site as a reference tool, as it rates products based on the ingredients and associated risks and I love that you can search by product name or category. The most frustrating part of my research has been discovering products that I currently use and thought were safe, natural and clean, actually have harmful chemicals in them.

Here are the products I’ve swapped so far. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear, so feel free to send me a message on Instagram @CaitlinKruse.

Juice Organics Coconut Shampoo & Pomegranate Conditioner: My friend suggested these and they are by far the best clean shampoo and conditioner I’ve tried! They are rated all 1’s on EWG and I love how soft and silky they make my hair. I’ve tried many other natural, clean options and have not had great experiences, so I was really excited to find this affordable option!

Body Wash
Alaffia Everyday Coconut Hydrating Body Wash ($14.99): Finding a body wash or soap without synthetic perfumes is really, really tough! I tried a few that didn’t lather enough and one that dried out my skin. I finally found a great body wash (also affordable) and just discovered Target recently started carrying this brand, too! I also love the cause behind Alaffia. It works to empower communities in West Africa with profits from the products.

Face Wash 
ACURE Facial Cleansing Gel ($8): I love how this cleanser really cleans and purifies my skin, but doesn’t dry it out.

One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil ($42): I’ve used this face wash since it first came on the market and still love it just as much. It’s so gentle and really is great for removing makeup. I tend to use this in the evenings and ACURE in the mornings before I put on makeup.

Face Moisturizer
Dr Roebuck’s FACE ($45): It’s been really challenging to find a moisturizer that doesn’t have a ton of chemicals (which is why I typically just use serums and oils on my face), but this cream from Dr Roebuck’s has relatively few ingredients and rates pretty low on the EWG scale. It’s super thick, but surprisingly absorbs quickly and rubs in really well. Sometimes I mix a few drops of my serum or oil and then apply at night if my skin is feeling especially dry.

Anti-Aging Serums + Oils
Cecilia Wong Black Currant Serum ($72): This is my latest obsession. I look forward to putting it on my face every night—it has the best scent and really calms my skin. Not only does it hydrate, but it minimizes fine lines and evens skintone. It’s 100-percent natural, only containing a blend of organic oils. It’s out of stock on the retailer’s site right now, but there are a few bottles left on Amazon!

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum ($185): This serum has a cult following and I know why. I’m on my second bottle and have been alternating with my other serums because I try to make a bottle last as long as possible. The scent alone is intoxicating—it’s strong and sticks with you for a while. It has formula of 22 organic oils designed to stimulate cell turnover, firm skin and help fight signs of aging. What I love about it? It doesn’t leave your skin greasy and soaks in rather quickly. I use it exclusively at night and feel my skin looks refreshed (almost glowing) come morning.

Agent Nateur No 3 Deoderant: Finally, a natural deodorant that works! I love how this stick formula glides on like the other deoderants I’m used to using and keeps me smelling fresh all day.

Shaving Oil
Oui Shave Santal Shave Oil: I’ve swapped shaving cream for a shaving oil. It took a little getting used to but the scent is heavenly and it leaves my legs silkier than ever.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

  • I’m a big fan of Agent Nateur deodorant too!

    I’ve been doing more clean beauty swaps because of health concerns recently, and I’d say I’m at a natural-ish state right now, trying to go as green as possible wherever I can but not giving up on chemicals completely. Some of the easiest swaps to make are switching out from a conventional body wash to natural soap (a bar of soap is also less environmentally damaging to manufacture than a bottle of liquid body wash); switching to natural deodorant from conventional antiperspirant (I didn’t even miss the aluminum compounds); switching from conventional moisturizer to natural body butters; and switching from conventional lip balm to an organic one (EOS makes great ones sold at every drugstore for less than $5 a pop!).

    If you want to go greener with your beauty routine but still want affordable products that work, I’d suggest checking out Canadian green beauty brands Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Consonant Skincare, and Leaves of Trees TO. Consonant is a bit pricier but the exchange rate probably works out in Americans’ favour and they also make a brilliant natural deodorant that’s unscented, and the other two brands I mentioned have plenty of products under $20.

  • I’ve seen Acure a ton at WF and other places but I finally decided to try out their shampoo! Thanks for all these recommendations!

  • Favorite clean beauty products: Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Eye Gels, Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Day Serum and their Glycolic Night Serum, oh and tarte Clean Queen Vegan deodorant!!

    Would love to see Drunk Elephant on GG! I feel like Drunk Elephant has Glitter Guide written all over it!

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