How I Stay Healthy In New York City

For our New York City editor, Carly, balancing work, friends, dating and living in a big city meant that her fitness routine and healthy eating habits often got put on the back burner. Now three years after moving to the city, Carly is sharing the ways she has maintained a healthy lifestyle in New York, from her fitness routine to favorite restaurants, and her tips for trying to balance it all.

Find the fitness routine that works for you: The city offers every kind of workout class you can think of. For me, I spent my first year here in NYC trying every kind of class I could. With my busy schedule, I wanted to find a results-driven class I could rely on for a great cardio blast and with tons of locations and times. For me, that perfect fitness routine has been Flywheel. What I love most about spin is that it works every single part of your body, from my legs to my arms to my abs. But one of the most surprising results has not been physical but the mental break I’m allowed to get during the class. One of my biggest struggles is being able to mentally zone out and Flywheel allows me to not focus on the stresses of my day and completely decompress, which I believe is one of the most beneficial factors of all. Other days I alternate between Flybarre for extra toning or quick HIIT workouts at the gym in my apartment building.

Walk as much as you can: One of my favorite parts about living in New York is being able to walk everywhere, especially on the weekends. With the weather now warming up, I try to avoid the subway or cabs on the weekend and take the time to walk home after brunch and explore new spots and neighborhoods.

It’s all about balance: New York has some of the best food in the world, so there’s no way you shouldn’t indulge in it! But it’s all about a healthy balance, whether that means squeezing in an extra workout or salad along the way. Along with NYC having the most indulgent meals, it also has some amazing healthy spots around the city, for everything from brunch to a quick snack on the go. A few of my favorite spots include:

  • The Butcher’s Daughter: With three locations around the city, the original SoHo location is my favorite thanks to its outdoor seating. This plant-based restaurant, café and juice bar offers a ton of different delicious options and I always feel full when leaving. One of my favorite items is the Waterflower Juice, which is made up watermelon, fennel, honeydew, cactus pear, lime and lavender flower. It’s so refreshing and hydrating on a hot day (and also an amazing hangover cure!).
  • Westville: I love Westville because it works for everyone thanks to its menu packed full of options. One of the best options on the menu is the long list of fresh veggie sides available every day. It’s a great place to share a ton of different plates, and still balances on comfort food options and healthy sides.
  • Juice Generation: New Yorkers are always on the move, and sometimes we don’t have time to sit and eat! I love Juice Generation’s protein-packed smoothies and acai bowls, ideal for before or after a workout or a busy afternoon of running errands. My personal favorite? The Mr. Greengenes smoothie, which almost tastes like dessert and not a green smoothie by any means!
  • by CHLOE: Before by CHLOE, I would have never tried a veggie burger, but now I crave it! This vegan restaurant is one of the most Instagrammable spots in the city, thanks to its healthy take on burgers, fries and other fast-food favorites. Make sure to also pick up one of the desserts, which are almost all gluten-free (and oh-so good!).
  • Bluestone Lane: If you’re looking for the best avocado toast in town, this is the spot. Its popular West Village location helped this Australian coffee shop grow into a ton of locations around the city, and it’s great for morning coffee meetings.
  • Pressed Juicery: If you’re in need of a quick detox, head to Pressed Juicery. I love picking up one of the cold-pressed juices after a weekend of not-so-healthy choices or if I feel a cold coming on. The menu also includes Freeze, which is a healthy version of frozen yogurt made by using only juices from fruits and vegetables, almonds and coconuts. I now crave this healthy alternative for dessert and there’s no guilt knowing it’s a vegan, gluten and dairy-free dessert packed with the same nutrition found in the popular juice flavors.
  • Sweetgreen: A favorite lunch spot for many New Yorkers, this salad restaurant offers the freshest ingredients. With one across the street from my apartment, I’ve become addicted to picking up my favorite harvest bowl for dinner instead of ordering takeout.
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Author: Carly Hill

Raised in Northern Michigan, she now lives in NYC and splits her time working in social media, being a GG editor & exploring the city for the next best meal! Follow on Instagram

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