The Top 10 Health and Wellness Instagram Accounts to Follow

We are celebrating health and wellness this month, and we know that sometimes an inspirational image or quote is all that is needed to help motivate you to jumpstart your fitness routine and wellness lifestyle. Therefore, Glitter Guide contributor, Kaleigh Glaza, is here to share the top health and wellness Instagram accounts to follow now.

Fitness and wellness are constant topics in traditional media, online and especially on social media. Our feeds are often flooded with workout videos, photos of amazing abs or training plans to get you off your couch and into the sun. Luckily, that means there is plenty of inspiration and help when you’re on the grind for your beach body! However, “fitness” doesn’t always mean “wellness,” and there is a lot more to looking and feeling good than just hitting the gym. So, when you’re feeling blah, need a little extra motivation or just want to find a happy pick-me-up for your body AND mind, we have the best health and wellness Instagram accounts you need to follow. They’ll put a smile on your face and a pep in your step in no time.

@sjanaelise: Yoga and meditation are great ways to start and end your day. Plus, a little bit goes a long way in terms of your mental health and happiness. Just ask Sjana! Her meditation moves and travel pictures will have you mentally on an island oasis, and her focus on BAM (Body And Mind) is a refreshing approach to fitness.


@wellandgoodnyc: This site is a Webby Winner for the Best Health Site 2017, and it makes sense when you look at its feed. It provides constant coverage on all types of wellness, from fitness and food to natural beauty and living. You can get every wellness fix you’re looking for, all in one spot.


@mirepoixstudio: It’s always fun to follow local studios or wellness media in your area. For Windy City natives, we love Mirepoix Wellness Studio’s feed for yoga, interior décor, organic living and more. Plus, its succulent game is on point! Feel free to search out other studios in your hometown as well.


@cleowade: This account is the definition of Motivation Monday. This poet provides beautiful, powerful quotes and inspiring images that you’ll likely screenshot and save for weeks. It’s the perfect feed to remind you that while no one is perfect, you are strong and beautiful just as you are.


@carlymorgangross: For the Earth mother and green goddess in all of us, Carly is here to help. Her feed focuses on all things natural, and will help you “embody your feminine essence” with ease. Plus, she also links to inspiring webinars that you won’t want to miss.


@rachlmansfield: If you want yummy, pretty and healthy food inspiration from an expert, this is your feed. Rachel is a professional recipe developer and food stylist, so her photos are stunning and the food in front of the lens isn’t too difficult to create.


@thechalkboardmag: If you already have a good start on the whole wellness thing, The Chalkboard Mag will help you expand your efforts. This feed gives you a look into a holistic life of wellness, from your home (especially kitchen and bathroom) to fashion and beyond, you will be living a cleaner life in no time.


@marytilson: Wanderlust yogis, assemble! Mary has been featured on our site before thanks to her welcoming and easy approach to meditation, and her feed is just more of that inspirational attitude. With lots of travel photos from all her global wellness retreats, as well as enviable workout gear of her own design, Mary’s feed will leave you feeling both centered and relaxed.


@stefaniegoldmarie: For some international flair, this Austrian lifestyle blogger runs the inspiration gamut from comfortable style to enviable, healthy food and honest (and sometimes humorous!) workout feedback. She’ll also make you want to book a trip to Austria STAT.


@goop: Last, but not least, we must give it up for the queen of lifestyle herself: Gwyneth Paltrow. Goop has long been the go-to site and feed for all things in elevated living. You will learn about wellness trends ahead of all your friends if you stay up-to-date with its coverage, and will also be on top of crazy new products, classes, recipes and more.

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