13 YouTube Workouts To Try At Home

13 YouTube Workouts To Try At Home

When we started brainstorming content for our wellness month, I immediately wanted to challenge myself to make more time for working out. Fitness has always been a big part of my life, but since having kids, I’ve really struggled to find the time to get back into a groove (I’ve talked about this in the past here).

The idea was I would complete a 21-day fitness challenge on YouTube. I’ve tried Boho Beautiful’s Pilates videos on YouTube before and thought they were good. So I decided I would go for it and try to do the full 21 days. But I have to be honest, as good as the videos were, I just ran out of time. Running a business and juggling two little kids has been very time consuming for me. At the moment, I’m only working three full days a week, so to take time out to work out feels really tough on my work schedule. Then on the weekends, I find it hard to break away from the family to focus on fitness.

I still plan to get back into my old workout mode. Fitness is more than just feeling better in my clothes, it greatly improves my stress and mental health. That’s what I miss the most. That break from all the stuff going on in my head. One thing this challenge showed me is that I have to stop putting myself last. Yes, I love my family and I love my job, but I also should love myself. If I am not feeling good both mentally and physically, it affects my work and family, so I need to stop feeling so guilty and letting the pressure keep me from making more time for the things I love.

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You would think that working out at home would be easier than getting to a workout class or a gym, but I’ve found it to be the opposite. Housework, text messages, emails and family, among other things, all distract me from getting my sweat on. I find I am always putting it off to finish one more thing. By the time I get to it, my day is pretty much over. That being said, working out at home is my best option right now until I have a little more free time in my schedule. Luckily, I’ve found some really great results-driven workouts that I enjoy!


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(The mat featured above is by Always x Always and the workout pants are by my favorite, Outdoor Voices)

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