Happy Birthday, Glitter Guide!

This week, we’re so excited to celebrate our 6th birthday! As you may know, we’re celebrating all over the country (and beyond!) because everyone on our team lives in a different city. Working remotely comes with its challenges, but every one of us loves working with such a diverse group every single day. To celebrate our birthday, we’re sharing fun interviews with the gals behind Glitter Guide. We’re talking our favorite splurges, the best things about working for Glitter Guide and our best tips for working remotely. Click through the slideshow to meet the team!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting us for the last six years! Your love and support (and likes and comments and pins) mean the world to us, and we wouldn’t be here without you. We have so many exciting things coming soon, and we can’t wait to see what the future of Glitter Guide holds! So, we’re pouring glasses of Champagne and grabbing a cupcake (or two) and hope that you’ll join us—not that we ever need an excuse to celebrate around here at Glitter Guide. 🎉

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

TS: Kiss my kids and then coffee. Always coffee.

Champagne or rosé?

TS: Rosé!

Cupcakes or donuts?

TS: Donuts all the way!

6 beauty products you can’t live without:

TS: Concealer (I am always exhausted!), sunscreen, coconut oil, a bright lipstick, mascara and texturizing spray.

What’s your favorite part about working for Glitter Guide?

TS: It’s way too hard to pick just one. I love so many things about working for GG! I love building the team and getting to know all the amazing women who pour their hearts into the brand. The fact that I even have a website that other people work for is still mind-boggling to me. I also love that Glitter Guide allows me to continually search for inspiration. Finding new exciting brands and women to highlight is such a treat for me. I find I am constantly inspired by the incredible people we feature on our site.

What is your best tip for working remotely?

TS: Always find ways to connect with your team members about things other than work. Make sure to know things about their interests, birthdays, events in their life and stay in touch often. It’s not all about work all the time!

What is something always worth the splurge?

CK: Fancy sheets and good coffee.

Cooking or baking?

CK: I enjoy both, but because cooking can sometimes feel like a chore after a long day, I’d definitely say baking. I love to bake with my daughter on the weekends!

Champagne or rosé?

CK: Rosé always. I can’t wait for my first sip after my baby is born!

6 things always in your fridge:

CK: Whole milk, almond milk, eggs, shredded Parmesan cheese, almond butter, bubbly water.

What is your most memorable Glitter Guide moment?

CK: There are so many! When I used to attend New York Fashion Week for the brand, it was always so fun and exciting to be in the city for a week, taking meetings and going to shows, networking and meeting so many incredible people. It was especially fun when Taylor and I got to do it together—those are some of the best memories. Glitter Guide was still really new and growing, and it was such an exciting time.

What is your favorite part about working for Glitter Guide?

CK: Being able to get creative in some way every day, whether it’s coming up with a shoot concept, picking out the perfect sale dresses for a post or finding the prettiest images for our Instagram grid. I love the fact that not only does our site inspire other people every day, but working for Glitter Guide inspires me. It’s opened my eyes up to an entire world of amazingly talented, smart and beautiful women who are doing incredible things in business and life.

What is your best tip for working remotely?

CK: Set work hours and stick to them, give yourself a lunch break AWAY from your computer and get dressed every morning—bonus if you put on makeup!

Who is your style icon?

AS: My grandmother.

Chandler, Ross or Joey?

AS: I’m going to go with Joey, but I’d have to wait until he’s ready to settle down. Chandler is probably a close second though.

Avocado toast or acai bowls?

AS: Avocado toast for sure!

6 Instagram accounts you love to follow:

What is your most memorable Glitter Guide moment?

AS: This is super tough, but I have to say some of the travel I’ve gotten to do is pretty amazing—Palm Beach with Lilly Pulitzer, The Kentucky Derby and Bermuda for America’s Cup. There are so many fun projects that I’ve had the chance to be part of, too! Last year, the top one was for Coffee-mate. It was kind of surreal to see myself on a Coffee-mate creamer bottle!

What is your best tip for working remotely?

AS: This is a tough one! I’d say figure out the best way to communicate with your team effectively—obviously for work productivity, but also for the social aspect as well.

What is your favorite home tour on Glitter Guide? 

CW: Molly Mathias’ mid-century home tour is an all-time favorite of mine. I love her vintage furniture and art! The home of Alexis Andra is a close second though.

Flowers or chocolates?

CW: Flowers, always!

6 shows you love on Netflix:

CW: “The Crown,” “Frasier,” “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” “Master of None,” “Cheers,” “Girlboss.”

How do you treat yourself when you’ve had a long day?

CW: I run an extra-hot bath, pour myself a glass of red wine and grab a favorite book. No one’s allowed to talk to me for one hour, and my phone is OFF LIMITS.

What fictional character do you most identify with?

CW: Monica from “Friends”! I’m a Type A neat freak, through and through. Monica’s wild cleaning antics make me laugh out loud every single episode because I’ve pretty much done all of them myself one time or another.

What is your best tip for working remotely?

CW: As silly as it might sound, one of my biggest tips for working remotely is to be expressive in emails. Use things like smiley face emojis and exclamation points to communicate emotion. I’ve worked for Glitter Guide since September 2012, but I’ve only met one of my teammates in person in all that time. Not seeing everyone face to face on a regular basis makes it difficult to establish rapport and have fun, so I try extra hard to make my emails, texts and messages to teammates feel as close to my natural bubbly cadence as possible. Taking a familiar tone helps minimize the effects of all those miles between our offices!


What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

AR: In January, I walked out of brunch, jumped in an Uber to the airport, booked a flight to New York City and hopped on a plane to catch the dress rehearsal for “Saturday Night Live” that night. My best friend won its “biggest fan” contest, and we’ve watched the show together for 10 years (and we made it with five minutes to spare—no joke!)!

Guacamole or cheese dip?

AR: This one is almost too hard to answer, but I’m going with cheese dip.

Aiden or Big?

AR: Big

6 Favorite Coffee Table Books:

AR: Vogue: The Covers; India Hicks: Island Style; In the Spirit of St. Barths; Emily Post’s Etiquette; Slim Aarons: Women; Tom Ford

What’s your favorite part about working for Glitter Guide?

AR: It’s difficult to choose just one thing. I love the flexibility of my job, the creative components and even the analytical side of things, but overall, I’m so inspired by the women with whom I work every day! Everyone is juggling a million things—kids, fur babies, their own blogs, side projects—and still managing to get it all done (and make it look pretty, too!). It’s really fun to get different perspectives from all over the country (and beyond) on different projects and ideas.

What’s your best tip for working remotely?

AR: Get out! Working from home is amazing, but it’s really important to have a change of scenery at some point every day. I do my best to schedule a coffee date, work in a new spot or at the very least, take a walk outside (no cell phone!) every single day. I also think it’s important to interact with people at some point during the day, as much as I may love my chihuahua.



What’s your love language?

SW: Gift-giving. I live for birthdays and Christmas. I start planning months in advance and always work to find the most personalized gift I can!

Flowers or chocolate?

SW: Always flowers. Every room in my house always has fresh flowers in it!

Champagne or rosé?

SW: Rosé. I drink it all year round, not just during summer!

6 apps that you use every day:

  • Asana
  • Evernote
  • A Color Story
  • Instagram
  • Starbucks (no, seriously—it’s a problem!)
  • Slack

What’s your favorite part about working for Glitter Guide?

SW: I love working with so many creative ladies from all over the country! Most people work in an office with people who are local to them, but Glitter Guide is lucky to be made up of some of the most talented individuals from all over! I love seeing what Annie’s up to in Nashville, while also having the option to drive 30 minutes to meet Abby for coffee by the beach. I think it gives the company such a unique approach to the industry.

What’s your best tip for working remotely?

SW: My best tip for working remotely is to set a routine and stick with it. Whether that means changing into a clean pair of yoga pants for the day and pouring a cup of coffee, give yourself an indicator that the work day has started and it’s time to get down to business! I always start the morning by getting dressed, grabbing my coffee and sitting down at my desk to open up Asana to check my to-do list for the day!


What is the first thing you do in the morning?

NA: Enjoy some snuggle time with my husband and kids in bed.

Tacos or pizza?

NA: Pizza.

Salty or sweet?

NA: Sweet

6 of your favorite candies:

NA: I have such a sweet tooth, but I try not to eat candy too often. When I do eat candy, it’s usually one of these six: gummy bears, red licorice, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats, Smidgens or jelly beans.

What is your favorite home tour on Glitter Guide?

NA: Liz Fourez’s Modern Farmhouse is my favorite. I love how she combines farmhouse-style details with modern design. It’s such a beautiful home.

What is your best tip for working remotely?

NA: My best tip for working remotely is to send any email correspondence as early as possible in the day to ensure that he/she is able to receive the email and provide a response in a timely manner. Because I have two kids, I do a large amount of work after they go to bed at night. When I send emails early in the day, I usually receive the information I need in time to work on my assignments at night. Unlike working in an office where you see and correspond with your co-workers throughout the day, when working remotely, it’s important to give people enough time to respond to your email, as you don’t know their schedule for that day and how often they will be checking email. Also, to-do lists are extremely helpful when working remotely, as they keep you on track and remind you of what needs to get done that day.


What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

ED: Get matching tattoos with my sister and best friend!

Tacos or pizza?

ED: Pizza for sure. Pairs with wine better!

Brunch! Savory or sweet?

ED: I’m always 50/50 on this, but I usually go with savory because savory brunch most likely comes with potatoes and that alone can sway my decision.

6 beauty products you can’t live without:

ED: Bio-Oil, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, Glossier Invisible Shield, Pixi Beauty Hydrating Milky Mist, Kristin Ess Dry Shampoo

What is your favorite home tour on Glitter Guide?

ED: My favorite home tour is definitely Alexis Andra‘s. I have gone back to reference it so many times! I love all the plants, textures and wall art.

What is your best tip for working remotely?

ED: Get out of the house! I love going to a coffee shop or somewhere I can’t be distracted by other things.

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Author: Annie Reeves

Annie lives in Nashville, Tennessee. You can find her chatting all things style, beauty, entertaining, and home decor on her lifestyle and photography blog Annie Reeves and on Instagram at @anniereeves!