Supporting The Still We Rise Auction

Supporting The Still We Rise Auction

Meet Lindsay Meyer-Harley! She’s the Portland-based founder of mama and baby shop, Darling Clementine, and the driving force behind Still We Rise, an auction event created in support of Planned Parenthood and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Scroll on to learn more about Lindsay and her passion for ‘rising up’ to meet today’s tough challenges, and be sure to follow along with Still We Rise on Instagram to find out more about the event, which is slated for June 20-27, 2017 and has more than 100 brands involved!

What sparked the idea for your Still We Rise event?

The day after Trump’s inauguration, I dried my tears and held my head high. I marched alongside women, men and children all over the world to speak out against a growing list of concerns—from healthcare, environmental threats, hateful rhetoric, discrimination to women’s rights and so many more issues. I saw in my community a desire to rise up, to voice their opinion about how this country should be run. It was inspiring to say the least. To hear young children shouting, “Be kind, we are all friends!” at the top of their lungs brought me to tears.

I knew I wanted to do more than march, I wanted to gather the community around me to lift up those working tirelessly for good. I am a self-proclaimed news junkie and was following closely what the administration’s agenda was. When it was clear they would be pushing their travel ban, I knew it was time to come together. I chose to support the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for our first auction in February, and was honored to be able to give back to a group that is constantly fighting for civil liberties. The outpouring of love and support this auction produced was something I didn’t see coming—it felt so good to be doing something good. I received hundreds of emails saying how happy people were to be doing something tangible with this auction—donating, bidding, spreading the word, whatever they could do. It’s time to rise again, for the next one!

Supporting The Still We Rise Auction

How did you choose the organizations that the auction is benefiting this year?

There are so many organizations that deserve our time, efforts, donations and spotlight. Choosing is always hard because they all need us. I ultimately chose Planned Parenthood and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) for my second auction because the threat to women’s healthcare and the climate is front and center.

Tell us, in your own words, why we should be supporting these awesome entities!

Planned Parenthood serves approximately 2.5 million people in the U.S. each year. It helps patients of every race, regardless of their income, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity. For many patients, this is the only clinic for miles. Imagine losing that option. Even the notion that any administration would defund PP, thus effecting the most vulnerable citizens of this country, is heartbreaking.

The NRDC is working around the world to make change happen, at the front lines and in the courthouse. Its work and advocacy includes energy, food, climate change, healthcare, oceans and waterways. The organization is actively working against this administration’s blatant disregard of the environment in the courtroom and through policy changes. We must support these organizations. It’s up to us to take care of ourselves and our planet—simple as that. We can’t trust the administration to look out for us anymore, sadly.

Who has supported you throughout the process of dreaming up and planning for the auction?

The community of like-minded people, angry about what’s going on in this country. Some close friends and some I’ve never met, reaching out with inspiring words and offers of help. Everyone wants to do something—that something can be big or small but, added up together, it’s pretty spectacular.

Supporting The Still We Rise Auction

Tell us about a few of the brands who have donated their time and/or goods to the cause.

For this next auction, we have well over 100 amazing brands, shops and creatives involved, including Ace&Jig, who is constantly giving back to the community in inspiring ways; Lisa Congdon whose artwork is just amazing; my friend Paige Jones, who is offering a photo session; Soor Ploom, a lovely children’s line who donated to our previous and current auction; and my own shop, Darling Clementine, whose teaming up with Morning Light Gift Studio to create a one-of-a-kind curated gift of special items for a new or seasoned parent. I could go on and on about the amazing brands involved…

When you’re in a buying mood, where do you shop?

The majority of my wardrobe comes from Madewell, Doen, Nico Nico and Everlane for basics. I’m done with cheaply made “throw away” clothes. I’d much rather invest in a few amazing pieces that I love and plan to wear often.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to plan and coordinate a community event like Still We Rise?

Choose something you really are passionate about because it’s a ton of work. Also, use the hive mentality when you feel stuck. There are a lot of tasks to accomplish and it’s not always in your wheelhouse. I reached out to the Still We Rise community of followers to get some help creating shareable artwork, including the gorgeous “lips” image by Joya Logue that I love so much. I also reached out for some graphic design work and was amazed at how quickly many reached out to help.

Supporting The Still We Rise Auction

Can you give us a few tips for being more environmentally friendly in our everyday lives?

Buy less. Eat what’s in your fridge and be creative with leftovers. So much of what we buy ends up in the trash when it doesn’t need to. We live by leftovers in our house, saving even a few stray tortellinis left on the kids plates. We end up giving those leftovers to the kids in their school lunch or when they’re peckish before dinner.

What influences have your children had on your role as a business owner?

My children have taught me how to work in bursts. I work from home and that has its pros and cons, of course, but I’ve gotten really good at working in short bursts between games of Candy Land and dinner prep. They’ve taught me the importance of having fun, closing the computer and enjoying a sunny day at the park or a game of hide and seek. Working efficiently allows me to step away with (almost) no guilt.

What’s an inspiring message or quote that has stuck with you this season?

The line that inspired the auction’s title, “Just like moons and like suns, with the certainty of tides, just like hopes springing high. Still I rise.” – Maya Angelou

Top stressor right this minute?

One word. Trump. Every turn he’s taking aims at something important: climate, education, women’s health. The list goes on and on…

Pretend you are a lawmaker for the day—what’s the first law you would pass?

A basic level of universal healthcare for all. Everyone should be able to see a doctor, regardless of their income. Period.

Supporting The Still We Rise Auction

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Author: Carrie Waller

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