5 Ways To Find Quiet Time…No Matter How Busy You Are

While today’s technology is useful in so many ways, it seems that as technology improves, it gets harder for people to step away from it. However, putting the smartphone aside and taking a much-needed ‘quiet time’ break is important for people’s mental, emotional and physical health. Today, Arin is sharing five tips on how to find peace and quiet and make time to enjoy it every day!

When life gets extremely busy, finding time to unwind and relax can seem impossible. In a digital age where time never stands still, it’s important now more than ever to find quiet time—even if it’s just for a few minutes throughout the day. In fact, studies have shown that these moments of peace actually help develop the part of the brain for memory and learning. Still not convinced? It’s also been known to create some of your best-kept ideas. Perhaps you’re the next fidget-spinner creator (but, seriously, why didn’t I think of that?)! Today, I’m breaking down some simple ways to find peace and quiet in the midst of chaotic schedules. Do you have anything to add? We’d love to hear below!

  1. Outsource activities: While this won’t be an option for everyone, it’s definitely worth a try. Sometimes, we just can’t do everything ourselves. Put someone else to the task, and free up some time in your day. Redistributing work will allow you to focus on you and, in turn, will hopefully bring a bit of peace/health/me-time to your day.
  2. Turn off your phone: Your mind needs a break from the ‘clutter’ of social media. If you’re at the office, try keeping your phone at the desk and going for a walk. Maybe you turn it off for 20 minutes every day to give yourself a much-needed time-out. As much as you may think scrolling through your Instagram feed is relaxing, it always creates subconscious thoughts—believe it or not.
  3. Shower: We all need to shower, right? Yeah? Instead of making this a chore (raises hand), make it a special time for yourself. I recommend using lavender body wash—it’s calming and soothing. It’s a great time to check in with yourself, and see how you’re feeling. Enjoy this time with you.
  4. Make an appointment: Sometimes, we have to physically schedule in some me-time on the calendar. Hey, it’s just as important as that team meeting! When you set a reminder/appointment, you’re more likely to actually do it. Make sure you’re not ‘dismissing’ this to-do, because you most definitely owe it to yourself to take a break. Schedule a 30-minute facial, take a bubble-bath, go to yoga, read a book—whatever it is, make it a priority.
  5. Make it a habit: Squeeze in small blocks of quiet time throughout the day. Perhaps you take your lunch to the park, or take the extra-long route home to walk and decompress from the day. Maybe after each business meeting/call, you take a five-minute break with the newspaper. Whatever it is, if you make it a habit, it’ll most likely stick.
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Author: Arin Agase

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