5 Ways To Makeover A Room On A Budget

IKEA Couch // Pottery Barn Kids Chairs & Chandelier  // Land Of Nod Shelves  // Artwork framed by Framebridge

I recently teamed up with Havenly to give my daughter’s playroom a little facelift. After living in our house for a year and neglecting this space, it had become so cluttered and unorganized! Because this room won’t be a playroom for much longer (we are turning it into a nursery this fall), I didn’t want to invest too much, but did want to create an airy, clean space for my daughter to play! Havenly is an online design company, which I’ve worked with in the past on my office (see here). The company is helping me slowly piece together all the rooms in our house. I thought I’d share the fun before-and-after photos today, along with a few tips on how you can transform a room without spending a ton of money.

Lightbox Sign // Minted Dog Print // Wallpaper // Storage Cubes 

Here’s a “before” picture of the space. We had no organization for toys, and because I didn’t have a plan for the room, I just started a gallery wall with all of our extra art—what a mess!

Here’s the “after” of the same area:

Shelby, my Havenly designer, found these great stacking cubes that hold a ton of toys and books. I was actually able to get out some of the toys I had stored away because we had so much more room to utilize. Our Chasing Paper wallpaper really steals the show and I love what a huge impact it makes on the small space! It’s from the limited-edition Rebecca Atwood collection, only on sale until the end of June!

Here’s another “before” shot of the room:

And an “after”:

The space seems drastically different, but really we only changed a few things! Here are my tips for making the most of a makeover on a limited budget:

  1. Enlist the help of a pro. Have a friend that dabbles in interior design? Ask them for a helping hand or work with an online design company, like Havenly, to get an outsider’s perspective on your space. The designers at Havenly do a great job of working with products you already own and your budget and will be able to share ideas that may have never even crossed your mind for the space!
  2. Make a statement. Making one large change can really transform the space. For example, we removed a cluttered wall of art and added wallpaper instead. We kept pretty much everything else, including the layout, the same! You can boldly change the paint color, create an accent wall or reupholster a couch. You don’t have to do it all. Instead, just focus on one major area of change.
  3. Paint. The easiest (and most affordable) way to change a room drastically is with a coat of paint! I like to pick up paint chips from the store and then come home and hop on Pinterest to see the colors actually being used in different spaces. It’s really helped make tough paint choices much easier!
  4. Change a piece of furniture you own. Swap out the cover on your sofa, give your dresser a fresh coat of paint or take a can of spray paint to an old lighting fixture. Being able to imagine your existing pieces in a new light will allow you to really change a room without replacing everything. We kept our family heirloom table, but replaced the bulky chairs with simple bistro ones. Don’t be afraid to use items from other rooms in your house—you’ll be surprised to see how ‘new’ they feel in a different room!
  5. Check Craiglist regularly. You’ll be amazed at what you can find on Craigslist or at local yard sales. My advice is to look for quality pieces that you can transform to be your own.

Max Wanger art framed by Framebridge  // Hazel Village Bear from Noble Carriage

Jess Brown Doll // Kip & Co Floor Pillow 

Shop the room:

Pottery Barn Kids Chairs & Chandelier  // Land Of Nod Shelves  // Artwork framed by Framebridge

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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