6 Binge-Worthy TV Shows To Watch Before The Summer Is Over

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It’s hard to believe we are at the end of July already—why does the summer go by so fast? One of the things we’ve been enjoying (when we aren’t outside or at the beach) is curling up on the couch at home and catching up on some of our favorite shows. Today, we’ve rounded up the six television shows that are worth binge-watching before the summer is over.


“Master of None”: This is a must-watch this summer. It’s so cleverly written and the cast of characters this second season even manages to top the first! The only side effects of watching this show is that it might make you hungry—and want to book a trip to Italy. Catch “Master of None” over on Netflix.

“Broad City”: We love “Broad City”! It’s a good one for binge-watching when you want to just zone out and laugh hysterically! Catch “Broad City” on Hulu.

“Veep”: We’ve recently become obsessed with “Veep.” After seeing it win Emmy after Emmy, we finally started watching the series, and it is absolutely hysterical. We love Julia Louis-Dreyfus! Catch “Veep” over on HBO.

“Silicon Valley”: This HBO show is definitely one for the tech nerds. It’s a smart comedy that makes you think, but also is easy to binge-watch in one sitting. Catch “Silicon Valley” over on HBO.

“Glow”: If you love “Weeds” and “Orange is the New Black,” you’ll definitely want to check out “Glow.” It was created by the same producer, Jenji Kohan, and is so good. A killer ensemble cast of bad-ass, yet quirky, ladies. Bonus: it’s a Netflix original, so you can binge-watch it all over the weekend. Catch “Glow” over on Netflix.

“Fargo”: This show is a favorite right now. Based around the same icy town as the original movie, each season is a different cast of characters working on a new crime. It’s witty, but in a dark and thoughtful way. Plus, each season is packed with new amazing actors working hard on their Minnesota accent. Catch Fargo on FX.

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Author: Abby Vancisin

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