20 Things You Need for Your First Apartment


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Moving into your first apartment can be quite daunting. From the idea of staying on top of all your bills to the realization that you can stock your fridge with anything you want, the excitement and the fear sets in quickly! Whether you’re moving out of a house with roommates or under the roof of your parents, we’ve rounded up a list of 20 items that can often be forgotten when you’re moving into your first apartment!

Vacuum CleanerAnd don’t hesitate to spend a little more money here. There’s nothing worse than trying to clean up with a bad vacuum cleaner.

New SheetsIt’s always nice to have an extra set on hand for the nights you forget to swap the laundry to the dryer or have a guest sleeping on an air mattress!

Plates and bowlsSimple and inexpensive are the way to go. We love this blush set from World Market!

ToolboxA true must-have–especially on move-in day. You’ll find yourself reaching for the hammer and nails or the drill far more than you’d expect!

FlatwareIf you’re moving out of a house with a bunch of roommates, there’s a good chance you have no clue which spoon belongs to which person. A great excuse for some new gold flatware!

Coffee MakerDo we need to explain this one?

Throw BlanketYou’ll want to have a few of these around for cozy wine nights with friends.

FlashlightIt’s not the chicest thing, but it’s so important to have a flashlight in a spot that’s easily accessible and always the same.

Wine GlassesWe prefer stemless wine glasses. They’re easy, dishwasher-friendly and great for entertaining!

Pictures: Make it feel like home fast with pictures of your favorite memories on the walls. We’re big fans of Framebridge’s Instagram framing feature!

A Good KnifeIt can be a bit of an investment, but it will make cooking far more enjoyable!

Nonstick PanThis will actually change your life!

A CandleLately, we’ve been loving all-things Boy Smells for candles. The price is right, too!

A Spare KeyIt’s always a good idea to have an extra key to give to a friend, keep in your car or hide somewhere safe. You don’t want to deal with a locksmith!

ArtThese days, with sites like Etsy and Minted, it’s easy to find affordable art that will make your apartment feel more personal and finished.

Serving Plates/BowlsLikely the first time you have friends over for dinner, you’ll quickly realize that you have plenty of individual serving dishes, but no large salad bowls or serving platters. You don’t need much, but a few pieces go a long way in entertaining.

Floor-Length MirrorThere’s nothing worse than trying to pick out an outfit without a floor-length mirror. Occasionally, apartments will have these, but you may want to ask before move-in day!


First Aid Kit: Never underestimate how much you’ll need a basic first aid kit. You won’t have campus services or your parent’s medicine cabinet at your disposal, so keeping some first aid essentials handy is a good idea.

Floor Pillows: First apartments can often be small and cramped, but if you have some cozy floor pillows on hand, it ensures there will always be plenty of comfortable seating when hosting friends over.

A Bottle of Wine (and a Wine Opener!): To toast to your new place!


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Author: Annie Reeves

Annie lives in Nashville, Tennessee. You can find her chatting all things style, beauty, entertaining, and home decor on her lifestyle and photography blog Annie Reeves and on Instagram at @anniereeves!