6 Awesome Women To Watch Now

We’re constantly scanning Instagram—and social media, in general—for women who are doing inspiring and amazing things. It’s these ladies that we always get so excited to share here on Glitter Guide. It seems like every single day, a new, incredible woman comes onto our radar, and today, we are sharing the names of just a few that are truly inspiring us right now.


Alex Michael May lists herself as “your virtual bff” on her Instagram profile, and that so perfectly encapsulates who Alex is! The self-proclaimed “Body Pos Babe” is on a mission to bring light and love into the lives of women everywhere. We can’t help but smile at every single thing she posts. Her YouTube channel is a must-watch, too, if you’re looking for an authentic confidence booster!


Oroma Elewa is a visual artist from Nigeria who uses art and collaboration to deconstruct societal issues like ageism, sexism and marginalization. She’s a great voice for the feminist movement while advocating for self-love and mutual collaboration.


Courtney of Courtney and the Babes is all about essentials oils and crystals. She’s always looking for ways to inspire positivity into the lives of women. She suffers from anxiety and talks about it openly, sharing how she struggles with doing it all while being a mom. It’s creative and beautiful.


Arielle Estoria is a writer, speaker and creative. Her tagline is “words not for the ears but for the soul,” and they do just that. She shares real, authentic thoughts that are relatable, beautiful and uplifting. The posts she shares on Instagram are constant reminders of our worth and value, and she encourages us that we are more than enough.


Erica Chidi Cohen constantly amazes us with all that she is doing (we featured her home tour a few years back!). She’s a doula, an author and the recent co-founder of LOOM, a resource for parenting, pregnancy and reproductive health in L.A. Amazing!


Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg just launched their plus-size clothing line, and we’re in awe. These two ladies kill it on the reg—from their gorgeous Instagram feeds to their always-inspiring, girl-power mentality—and PREMME takes it to a whole new level. We can’t wait to see what else they will do in the years to come!

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Author: Annie Reeves

Annie lives in Nashville, Tennessee. You can find her chatting all things style, beauty, entertaining, and home decor on her lifestyle and photography blog Annie Reeves and on Instagram at @anniereeves!