7 Ideas For Styling Open Kitchen Shelves

There are so many different kitchen design trends out right now, and we love so many of them. Open shelving instead of or in addition to cabinets is one of these trends. While open shelves in a kitchen isn’t for everyone, when done right, they can be a great way to showcase all that beautiful kitchenware you’ve been hiding and add an interesting element to your space. If you’d like to try out this trend, here are seven ideas to help get you started.

1. Go Simple.

Simple, white with a few classic kitchen staples is always a good idea if you want to rock open shelves in your kitchen. Adding white bowls, clear glasses, and a few copper details is a great way to keep things clean but pretty. (See Julia’s home tour)

2. Neutral Can Make a BIG Impact!

There is something so lovely about showcasing neutral-colored pieces—especially if you have a collection of beautiful ceramics laying around! It gives the kitchen a minimalist vibe and cuts down on the clutter. (See Paige’s home tour)

Modern shelving in the kitchen

3. Stick To One Color.

If you are worried about things feeling too messy, try styling only one color scheme on your shelves. We love how this kitchen has some very bold elements, but the open shelves are all white with mostly white pieces. It’s dramatic without being in your face. (Source: Glamour Nest)

4. Mid-Century Modern Meets Traditional.

Summer Hogan knows that mixing styles can keep things feeling fresh and new. We love how she styled classic pieces with some fun, vintage looks. (See Summer’s home tour)

white subway tile

5. Minimal Still Works.

This kitchen has so many drool-worthy design elements. The built-in open shelves feel cool and a bit masculine. Adding just a few pieces and keeping things very minimal is a great way to get that sleek vibe.  (See Erin’s home tour)

White geometric bar stools

6. Feminine Touches.

This kitchen features items that stick mostly to one color scheme on the open shelves. We love how Chrissy styled a simple pink book, milk glass and pretty pink cupcakes below to give it a little bit of a feminine feel. (See Chrissy’s home tour)

Open kitchen shelf styling

7. Have Fun With It.

Most people opt for neutrals and whites on their open shelves, but if you’re one for color and design, we say: “Go for it!” It’s a great way to bring personality to a space. (See Julie’s home tour)

Vintage white kitchen backsplash tile

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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