6 Expert Tips For Creating A Pinterest-Worthy Space

6 Expert Tips For Creating A Pinterest-Worthy Space

If you are like us, you likely find it fun and refreshing to redecorate nooks or rooms in your house and change things up a little from time to time to give the space a fresh look. Luckily, that’s totally possible even with a small budget to work with. Roxy Te from Society Social is offering six expert tips on how to create a Pinterest-worthy space with the addition of a few key items. After reading and seeing how easy it is to transform an ordinary area into a totally drool-worthy space, we’re pretty sure you’ll be inspired to redecorate (we know we were!)!


Start with a timeless piece that can be reinvented in any room in your home! This Spring Street Desk is the perfect neutral starting point and can be used for an eye-grabbing entryway, home office or makeshift vanity!

Spring Street Desk


Choose multi-functional furniture! Bring in a small ottoman or stool that’s perfect for kicking off your shoes, yet small enough to tuck away when guests are over! Because of its scale, it can also double as an end table if a tray is added. And don’t be afraid to bring in a fun print! Leopard is a classic in our book.

Spring Street Desk


Ambient lighting is a must! It softens the harshness that is typically associated with overhead lighting and instantly makes a home feel cozy and inviting. In this case, we also chose this lamp for its height. Incorporating varying heights is important for visual interest. We love the texture, too!


Decorate with books or small boxes to layer in your personality and to create a variety of levels for accessorizing! Choose pieces that double as stylish organization, hide unwanted clutter like keys, pens and/or jewelry in the decorative boxes and drawers!


Put your passions on display! Infuse personality into the space by displaying personal treasures and tchotchkes! For any vignette small or large, remember to balance out height and vary levels of visual interest. Here we did that with a collected candlestick that stands up to our lamp!


Always add greenery or flowers. Plants not only provide more oxygen, but they always warm up and liven up a space by adding natural and colorful elements!

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Author: Abby Vancisin

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